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Government & Military Facility Security

As active shooter attacks on government and military facilities and the threat of self-radicalized individuals continue to increase, technology to mitigate risk and save lives has emerged. The leading governmental solution, Battelle SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response, was designed to save lives in active shootings by providing advanced situational awareness and automating critical building security and emergency management responses to better protect occupants until police arrive.

Saving Time, Sharing Info to Save Lives

In a rapidly unfolding active shooter situation, response time is critical to ending the event and saving lives. SiteGuard Active Shooter Response (ASR) eliminates confusion and delays – immediately confirming that gunshots have been fired and automating 911 calls and mass notifications to building occupants and summoning police and other first-responders to the location of the most recent (rather than first) shots fired.

The SiteGuard ASR system also begins automated responses designed to save lives: providing mass notifications, building lockdown and evacuation instructions to deny or delay the shooter access to additional victims.

When first responders do arrive on the scene, the system provides current location and tracking information that eliminates confusion about the location, number and weapons of the shooter, allowing police to conduct a more informed, rapid, and safer response.

Comprehensive Active Shooter Response

SiteGuard ASR offers more than just gunshot detection and alerts. In real time, SiteGuard ASR assists government and military security and law enforcement in active shooter events in a variety of ways

  • Be alerted to gunshots coming from anywhere inside or outside the building
  • Automate 911 calls, building alarms, emergency notifications and evacuation instructions
  • Activate and selectively control the lockdown of a building or campus
  • Isolate the shooter(s), limiting their movement within a controlled area
  • Assess the situation safely from a remote location
  • Receive informed support from law enforcement and first responders

A Trusted Solution

The SiteGuard Active Shooter Response system was originally built on a trusted technological foundation and has been in use safeguarding some of the nation’s highest-risk facilities for more than a decade. 

Integration with a customized SiteGuard facility protection system allows for continuous monitoring of additional threats – including biological, chemical and radiological – for comprehensive awareness and emergency response should it be required. 

Safeguard against active shooter events.
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