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How It Works: The Technology Behind SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response

Using indoor and outdoor gunshot detection sensors, SiteGuard Active Shooter Response (ASR) locates the origin of a gunshot and immediately begins executing automated actions, including:

  • Sending a clear and concise 911 call
  • Transmitting alarms and incident information to on-site or off-site security forces
  • Activating building interior alarms and instructions
  • Activating of building lock-down and/or shelter-in-place or evacuation instructions
  • Streaming detailed situational information directly to remotely located Control Centers
  • Providing remote access and control tools to cameras, alarms and two-way room audio

SiteGuard ASR Control Center

As soon as gunshots are detected, a graphical user interface provides real-time video and audio monitoring of shooters and gunshots allowing for an informed emergency response in spite of delayed or confusing eyewitness reports. Shooter movement can be tracked via the Control Center, throughout the duration of the incident – providing precise location information for officers upon arrival.

Based on verified data and on-going monitoring, police, facility security and other first responders can manage building access control systems remotely – activating and selectively controlling lock-down of a building or campus to isolate the shooter(s) and prevent access to building occupants.

The SiteGuard ASR Control Center can also be used to establish a remote two-way communication channel with the shooter and/or victims in the area of detected gunshots – providing emergency notifications and evacuation or shelter-in-place instructions. This also provides the opportunity to verbally interact with the shooter even before the first officers have arrived on the scene. 

Flexible, Comprehensive Building Monitoring and Active Shooter Response System

The modular SiteGuard Active Shooter Response system allows for integration with various sensors and building monitoring systems including:

  • Indoor and outdoor gunshot detection sensors
  • Video management systems
  • Mass notification and public address systems
  • Optional electronic door closure and locking hardware
  • Intrusion detection and access control systems
  • Life-safety sensors (e.g. carbon monoxide or natural gas leak detection)
  • Chemical, biological and radiological sensors
Technical Sensor Specifications
  • Average range =15 meters in a 360-degree field of view (30m per sensor)
  • Ethernet or wireless sensor communication
  • Power over Ethernet or direct powered
  • Low-profile, unobtrusive sensor appearance
  • Designed to eliminate privacy concerns
 Low Cost of Ownership
  • No recurring monitoring costs
  • Scalable with flexible purchase options
  • K-12 school discount available 

SiteGuard ASR Modules

SiteGuard ASR Alert – Following the first confirmed gunshot, ASR Alert locates the origin of each shot and simultaneously executes an automated 911 call for help. The police are now on their way, minutes before the first victims can safely call 911. 

SiteGuard ASR Lockdown – Limits shooter movement through integration and control of electronic door closures, locks and elevator/escalator controls

SiteGuard ASR Evacuation – Includes SafeRoutes modeling and instructions that can calculate and communicate the safest routes of evacuation based on occupant and shooter locations

SiteGuard ASR Communications – Includes export of one-way room audio to police or others, or two-way communications to communicate directly with shooter or victims from a remote location even before first responders arrive on the scene.

Product Demonstration

The core of the SiteGuard Active Shooter Response system is the trusted Battelle SiteGuard® building and infrastructure monitoring and control system, which has protected some of the nation’s highest risk buildings for over a decade.
Equipped to make automated notifications and initiate protective responses faster and more reliably than humans, the robust and affordable SiteGuard situational awareness tool makes the ASR system ideal for active shooter scenarios.


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Infographic showing how active shooter response technology works