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Facility & Perimeter Security Technologies

Buildings and their occupants are susceptible to a range of terrorist and criminal threats. Battelle offers solutions that integrate sensors, cameras and other security and emergency notification and response systems. 


Just about any public gathering place can face life-changing threats, such as firearms-related threats or chemical, biological and radiological weapons, as well as accidental exposure to hazards such as explosive natural gas leaks or toxic chemicals. Providing the maximum level of safety to people inside and outside of buildings requires serious detection and response tools.

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Battelle’s system is easily tailored to a variety of environments and missions, helping reduce acquisition and operations costs. It easily integrates with your current systems. 

Potential uses for our products include:
  • Secure government buildings and installations
  • Port facilities
  • Airports
  • Large commercial buildings and campuses
  • Mail processing facilities
  • Special events
  • Spectator sport venues


Battelle SiteGuard®
The SiteGuard monitoring and control system has protected some of the nation’s highest risk buildings for more than a decade. It provides an innovative, cost-effective technological solution to help protect facilities and their occupants. Learn more.

Battelle SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response
SiteGuard Active Shooter Response (ASR) is designed to save lives by detecting, locating and responding to gunfire – automatically – to reduce response time in the first critical and chaotic minutes of an incident. Learn more


Benefits include:
  • Lower acquisition cost
    • Open architecture reuses legacy systems
    • Uses commercial-off-the-shelf components
  • Lower operating cost
    • Reduced manpower (force multiplier)
    • Low maintenance requirements
  • Improved security performance
    • Integrated, full-threat-spectrum approach
    • Open architecture allows "best-of-breed" selection
    • User-friendly display and operations
  • Outstanding reliability and availability via system design