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Analyzing Genomic Sequence Data Productive analysis of infectious disease in biosurveillance applications.


Identifying drug resistance of microbial pathogens is critical to productive analysis of infectious disease in biosurveillance applications. Current diagnostic methods rely on culturing microbes, antibody-based assays and other methods, which can be time consuming and inaccurate due to assay limitations. 

Battelle’s proprietary software, CRITERIOME, analyzes genomic sequence data to rapidly and accurately identify microbes and to predict potential drug susceptibility/resistance profiles.


Our approach uses characteristics of the entire genome to determine bacterial identity along with a proprietary database to determine the spectrum of antibiotic resistance harbored within bacterial genomes. 

Battelle’s database includes more than 250,000 genetic elements from more than 200 genera of bacteria, which includes most major types of clinically relevant drug resistance. 

Our assertions regarding antibiotic resistance elements are backed by more than 1,000 citations from the professional literature in our proprietary knowledgebase. Systematic interrogation of these resources with custom software allows identification of the complement of antibiotic resistance genes.

Predict drug resistance.
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Key features include:

  • Imports data from FastA or FastQ files
  • Easily adapted to any sequence data format and analysis workflow
  • Rapidly reports on drug resistance enabled by genetic elements
  • Extensive knowledge base with >200,000 microbial sequences linked to scientific publications edited by in-house SMEs 


CRITERIOME can provide useful data for biosurveillance and public health epidemiology efforts, particularly those interested in identifying antibiotic resistance.