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Battelle ExactID®

ExactID ushers in the new era of investigative genetics. Our proprietary ExactID software allows you to exploit the full power of massively parallel sequencing (MPS) technologies, also known as next-generation sequencing, to find new leads in genetic data that was previously considered unusable. ExactID turns DNA into a very objective witness, providing a revolutionary new way to solve cases that have never been solved before.  


ExactID was perfected by Battelle based on expertise gained developing similar forensic applications for the U.S. government. We are now making this technology available to government agencies and local forensic labs for crime investigation and national security applications. 

ExactID Version 2.0 now supports mitochondrial DNA analysis, microHap analysis, and other advanced genomic methods that allow researchers to pull more information out of challenging DNA samples.

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With ExactID, you can:

  • Go beyond comparing the size of the DNA strands and identify DNA sequence differences within process biological evidence
  • Generate useful information from DNA samples that do not produce a match in DNA databases, including gender, hair color, eye color, ethnicity and origin
  • Perform mitochondrial DNA analysis on unknown samples to identify relatives in missing persons cases or to include or exclude a potential suspect
  • Generate usable data from mixed or degraded DNA samples
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Battelle ExactID goes beyond comparing the size of the DNA strands and identifies DNA sequence differences to provide investigative and intelligence leads. Using the Battelle Avatar software, realistic images can be generated including gender, hair color, eye color, ethnicity and origin.

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ExactID is the first and only reagent- and sequencer-independent massively parallel sequencing software for forensic DNA analysis. This software offers an intuitive and easy to use interface for processing sequence data for forensic applications, and provides analysts a way to view sequencing data in familiar and understandable forensically-relevant formats. It is also backwards-compatible with mainstream fragment analysis.

Benefits include:

Accurate and Reproducible: A novel non-alignment signal processing method accurately types any allele sequence with >99% sensitivity and specificity. Concordance to both CE and alternative MPS chemistries.

Robust Performance: Any STR allele can be typed, including previously unknown sequences. Capability to provide sequence data in regions flanking the STR repeat.

Database Functionality: Provides sequence data back-compatible for STR and Y-STR markers within NDIS database, with corresponding CODIS export files.

Universal MPS Marker Solution: Autosomal STR, Y-STR, SNP.

Intuitive User Interface: Friendly interface for basic as well as advanced data interpretation. Easy to use for staff training and technical competency.

Fast: Ten second processing for a 100 MB FASTQ file.

DNA QAS: Electronic and automated tracking of user analysis.

ISFG Allele Designation Compatible: Generates repeatable ISFG-compatible allele designations for STR alleles.