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ExactID® Installation

These instructions describe how to set up and configure ExactID® using the ExactID Installation program.

System Requirements

The ExactID software is a stand-alone application for forensic MPS DNA analysis. Currently ExactID is only available for Windows-based systems. Recommended requirements to run ExactID are:

  • Windows 7 computer with ExactID installed
  • At least a dual core processor with ≥ 1GHz speed
  • ≥ 6 GB RAM
  • 125 GB available hard drive space for data storage
  • Java version 1.7 (ExactID will install the appropriate version of Java)
  • Valid License Key

ExactID requires that the following prerequisites are installed. The installation program will check the destination environment for these prerequisites first and install them as needed prior to installing the ExactID software. The (+) after the Java version indicates any version or build above the required version but not exceeding is supported. For example, Java 1.6 and 1.8 are not supported.

  • Java – Version 1.7+
  • Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable x64
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 x64

After installation, launching ExactID will ask the user for a valid License Key. License Keys can be obtained by sending an email to with the environment specific Registration ID attached. This ID is displayed within the License dialog.

Installation Instructions

1. Run the Installer program by double clicking on the executable (ExactID-v2.1.0.0.exe).

installation screenshot

a. If necessary ExactID will open the Prerequisites wizard to install any missing prerequisites.

installation screenshot

b. Click Next. A prerequisites screen will open with the required prerequisites already checked for installation. 

installation screenshot

c. Click Next to install the required software.

d. The Prerequisites Install window will open while the software is being installed. The Status displays the progress of each program. When all programs are successfully installed the ExactID Setup Wizard page will be displayed.    

installation screenshot

e. Once the prerequisites installation is complete click Next.

2. The ExactID Setup Wizard page is displayed. Click Next to start the ExactID installation.

3. Select the desired shortcuts and Click Next.

installation screenshot

4. Click Install when you’re ready to install ExactID or click Back to make any changes.


5. During installation a descriptive status indicator is shown to indicate the progress of the installation.


6. When installation is complete an ExactID completion dialog will be displayed.

installation screenshot

7. Launch ExactID is selected by default and will launch ExactID when you Click Finish.

Note: If this box is unchecked then ExactID will not be launched when clicking Finish but could be launched by clicking on one of the shortcuts.

installation screenshot

8. When ExactID is launched for the first time a Licensing dialog is displayed requesting a valid License Key.

9. To obtain a License Click the Copy button and paste the Registration ID in an email and send to

10. You will receive a reply e-mail that contains your new license key. Copy and paste the License Key that you receive in the License field and click the Validate button.

11. If the License is found to be invalid due to an incorrectly generated License for the specific Registration ID or the License was copied into the field incorrectly the following message will be displayed.

installation screenshot

12. When a valid License has been accepted a License Agreement page will be displayed. Select I Agree to use ExactID.

installation screenshot

13. Setup is complete and you should be able to use all the available functionality of ExactID.