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ExactID® Technical Specifications

ExactID was targeted initially for the law enforcement and government forensics community, initially for STR typing of reference samples, but once MPS technology is validated, for STR typing of investigative samples. Since ExactID identifies unique DNA sequences, it also has the potential to identify many other identifying features (e.g., hair color, eye color) such as SNPs. This will benefit not only the forensics community, but also the clinical diagnostics community that is interested in showing provenance of clinical samples and/or to identify potential genetic indicators of disease.


  • All necessary methods
  • Development
  • Operator training
  • Software

Key Features

Accurate and Repeatable: a novel non-alignment signal processing method accurately types any allele sequence with stringent sensitivity and specificity. 

Robust to Any STR Sequence: any STR allele can be typed, including previously unknown sequences.

True Signal-to-Noise-Based Analytical Thresholds: analytic thresholds in developmental validation as low as 20-200 amplicons.

All Markers Covered: autosomal STR, Y-STR, SNP

Intuitive User Interface: easy retrieval of files from file system or directly from sequencers. Intuitive forensics-relevant user feedback and data displays.

Fast: ten second processing for 1 hundred MB FASTQ file.

QAS Compliant: automatic raw data audit trail for use in technical reviews.

ISFG Allele Designation Compatible: generates repeatable ISFG-compatible allele designations for STR alleles. 

Data Output from ExactID

screenshot from ExactID software
Screen 1. Battelle ExactID® data sequence.

screenshot from ExactID software
Screen 2. Data output.

screenshot from ExactID software
Screen 3. Data output.