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LS10 - Video

Nov 23, 2016, 15:59 PM
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Dual-Sensing Modalities  

Addressing the challenging task of explosive detection in liquids.
LS10 device
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Battelle LS10™ Liquid Bottle Scanner

The serious reality of continued security threats worldwide demand solutions that detect these threats without creating gridlock in busy hubs like airports, government buildings and large-scale events.

Battelle's LS10 Liquid Bottle Scanner addresses the challenging task of detecting explosive components in liquids, making it possible for travelers and visitors to safely carry liquids, gels and aerosols through security checkpoints.


In use around the world, LS10 distinguishes threat liquids from benign substances and alerts security personnel to suspicious contents quickly and accurately. It’s compact in size, is easy to operate and has a high success rate with a low number of false alarms.

LS10 is calibrated to detect threat flammables, acids, oxidizers, explosive precursors and explosive compounds in almost any container in less than five seconds. An intuitive user interface guides security personnel through each step and provides clear alert of any suspicious substance.

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Unlike other liquid scanners that rely on and are limited by single technology analysis, LS10 employs dual sensing modalities of a radio frequency technology transmitting a low-power RF pulse and an ultrasonic subsystem that generates a short ultrasonic pulse.  

Other benefits include:

  • High detection capability/low false alarm rate
  • Efficient processing of passengers
  • Intuitive user interface and ease of operation
  • Upgradable to extend platform and threat library
  • Non-invasive scan
  • Open design accommodates any container height

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