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ProDetect - Image

Nov 28, 2016, 13:48 PM
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Training Those on the Frontlines

We offer the most advanced training available for aviation security personnel conducting screenings. 
Cargo being loaded onto an airplane
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ProDetect™ Security Screener Training 

ProDetect is an interactive, web-based training system for aviation security screeners. Battelle’s two decades of aviation security research enabled us to create the most advanced training available for security personnel conducting screening at airport checkpoints and cargo processing facilities. 

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Security for air travel is of utmost importance. But that security is only as good as the people on the frontlines who are handling the screening. That’s why Battelle created ProDetect. 


ProDetect can be deployed either as a web-based training system or on a local area network within an airport or industrial screening facility environment. It’s offered on a license basis to candidate organizations with verifiable security credentials in their home markets and the ability to manage software program hosting and support.

The ProDetect software consists of three modules:

Security Screening Courseware

This module provides trainees with the actionable job knowledge to screen effectively and the resources necessary to proficiently operate explosives trace detection (ETD) and X-ray systems. 

Interactive IED Recognition

This module provides practical exercises for identifying different elements required to make an operational IED (improvised explosive device). 

Image Interpretation Training (IIT)

Once trainees are taught how to recognized IEDs, they can apply this knowledge in the IIT module by screen real X-ray images of typical passenger and cargo content. 

Software features allow designated administrators great flexibility in setting up and managing the ProDetect system. 

Key administrative features include:
  • Access security for administrators and trainees
  • Multiple training playlists for training and testing
  • Trainee enrollment and individual playlist assignment
  • Variable screener review time limits
  • Separate tests and test score calculations for courseware and IIT training
  • Detailed records for training and testing performance
  • Customizable reports and exportable files of trainee performance records


ProDetect combines Battelle’s human factors and X-ray technology competency, in-depth understanding of air security operations and protocols, and state of the art computer software and internet technology expertise to create the most advanced training available for aviation security personnel conducting screening at airport checkpoints and cargo processing facilities.