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Smart Strategies Going beyond standalone systems and technologies to create Smart Cities.

Advanced Mobility Strategies & Planning

Building the Smart Cities of tomorrow requires more than great ideas. It also requires smart strategy, planning and execution. Battelle brings together the experience and expertise you need to move your Smart City project from vision to reality.  


The most innovative Smart City projects go beyond standalone systems and technologies to create solutions that cross multiple sectors and city systems – from transportation and energy to education and healthcare. Deploying these kinds of projects requires extensive coordination and an in-depth understanding of how systems, technologies and stakeholder needs fit together. 

At Battelle, we’re already bringing Smart City solutions to urban areas across the country. Our experienced teams know how to plan, manage and deploy complex, multi-year projects involving multiple partners and diverse groups of stakeholders. We can help you every step of the way. 

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Vision & Planning
Every successful Smart City project starts with a clear vision and an actionable plan. Battelle can help you define the vision and goals for your project and develop a comprehensive plan that makes efficient use of resources. 

Our Smart City team can help you:

  • Create a cohesive vision that crosses industry sectors, city departments and technological systems. 
  • Identify the needs of all potential stakeholders and facilitate stakeholder involvement in vision development
  • Prioritize project goals and components to allocate limited resources for maximum impact.
  • Build a successful coalition of public and private partners and investors to build consensus on project goals, timelines and priorities. 
  • Explore innovation funding and business models to attract the right mix of public and private investment. 
  • Develop a multi-year (or multi-decade) project plan, schedule and budget based on city needs, resource availability, investment potential and dependencies among systems, sectors and technologies.
  • Facilitate effective communication between partners and stakeholder groups to keep project plans on track. 

Strategy & Roadmap
Once you have defined your vision, you need a roadmap in place to get you there. We can develop a strategy and detailed roadmap that will minimize roadblocks and maximize your chances of success. 

The roadmap will:

  • Provide detailed analysis of the project areas and components including dependencies, investment ideas, stakeholder involvement and technical requirements. 
  • Lay out roles, responsibilities, timelines and accountability processes for all project participants. 
  • Act as master template for aligning related projects and activities. 

Governance & Management
Good strategy and planning must be followed by excellent execution and effective management and governance. We can manage your project from the first team meeting to the final technical rollout. We’ll work you throughout the life of the program to ensure that your project stays on track and help you with unexpected challenges that come up along the way. 

At this stage, our team will:

  • Provide central governance, coordination and oversight for all project partners, agencies, subcontractors and components.
  • Establish clear lines of authority and responsibility for all partners and subcontractors.
  • Outline measures of success and processes for ongoing measurement and accountability.


Battelle can help you create a strategy to plan your smart city efficiently from start to finish. Our technical review and project management will ensure you stay on track with your project budget and timeline.