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NEM - Video

Oct 26, 2016, 20:38 PM
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Vehicle Cyber Security

Detecting vehicle cyber-attacks and system malfunctions and reporting them from the field.

car with lines of code behind it
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Battelle NEM™

Battelle’s Network Enforcement Module (NEM) is an innovative, patent-pending technology that brings a new level of sophistication to the connected car experience. 

The protection of an automobile’s computer system is critical for safe and secure operations on our nation’s roads and highways, our critical infrastructure and our way of life.

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Battelle NEM is a new anomaly detection software technology. The passive, listen-only tool first learns normal operation of the vehicle by observing routine operation. It then continuously monitors the network for abnormal activity and will alert on cyber-attacks or system malfunctions resulting from bugs in software and firmware, including:

  • Abnormal unlocking of doors
  • Electronic hijacking control of the vehicle
  • Unauthorized re-flashes
  • Denial of service attack, which results in the driver’s loss of vehicle control

The NEM’s anomaly detection system works so well because it uses machine learning in a unique manner, with repetitive inter-electronic control unit (ECU) communications, which results in a high degree of consistency over time.

The NEM is currently supporting field trials of CAN security monitoring with a Tier 1 partner. The technology is anticipated to be in market by 2018.


Increased safety and security of connected vehicles and their drivers from hackers and malicious attacks. Improved identification of system malfunctions allowing for technology to be upgraded, improved or fixed.