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Maritime Systems & Technologies

Maritime Systems & Technologies

Battelle’s maritime research and development has resulted in crucial deployed components for mission-critical systems operating at sea for more than 70 years. We provide best-in-class development, transition and deployment of technologies that help sustain U.S. undersea dominance, bolster commercial offshore activities and advance science.

Energy & Persistence

Battelle is a leading developer of custom, maritime energy systems and other technologies that extend mission duration. Our maritime innovations help clients push missions deeper, farther and faster. Improved persistence means less surfacing, submerging and physical contact – in short, reduced downtime.

Lifecycle Engineering

Vehicle and equipment life extension is the goal of Battelle’s work in lifecycle sustainment. Through lifecycle engineering and component upgrades, Battelle delivers cost-effective solutions to keep systems and equipment in or return them to the water despite harsh conditions. Our engineers have decades of experience designing solutions to keep products in the field, from addressing a diminishe...


Battelle designs, engineers and builds custom, integrated sensor systems to resist the harsh ocean and subsea environments. Our sensors perform deeper and longer than other systems on the market. Whether it’s developing a new sensor, transitioning a prototype to field operation or ruggedizing an existing COTS sensor for subsea use, Battelle leverages its decades of maritime engineering experien...


Battelle develops technology for undersea vehicles capable of making difficult manned and unmanned missions. Battelle designs, develops, tests, leases and supports vehicles and their subsystems that make challenging missions possible in the toughest of environments.

Autonomy & Operator Assistance

Autonomy software, subsea modeling and simulation and improved command and control are the next frontier for underwater sensors, vehicles and other subsystems. Battelle and subsidiary SeeByte are leading the way.

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SeeByte is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Battelle. Operating from offices in Edinburgh, Scotland and San Diego, California, SeeByte has achieved a position of leadership in the development of smart software for underwater vehicles, sensors and systems in the military and oil & gas sectors.

Visit the SeeByte website.