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Automate Your Most Complex Tasks 

With minimal programming time and knowledge

PathPlan™ Autonomous Motion Planning Software

From robotic manufacturing and maintenance operations to manual process automation, Battelle’s PathPlan™ autonomous motion planning software reduces risk and increases quality and efficiency for industrial robots operating in complex or high-stakes environments. 


Utilizing scan-to-path and CAD-to-path motion planning and real-time, predictive collision avoidance technology, Battelle PathPlan software provides intelligence to minimize robotic programming time and optimizes your systems to perform previously impossible tasks while also maintaining enough flexibility to enable quick transitions from manual to automated operations.

Application examples include:

Confined Spaces: Battelle’s Automated Robotic Control enables robots to operate in confined spaces that often present a variety of hazards to manufacturing and maintenance personnel and typically are challenging for robotic deployments.

Non-Destructive Inspection: Battelle’s Automated Robotic Control enables consistent execution of precise, repetitive testing in a complex environment – difficult for personnel to accomplish with required quality standards. 

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PathPlan is adaptable to most robotic platforms and can be adapted for multiple types of applications including: grinding, sanding, welding, paint removal, paint application, composite work, non-destructive inspection or other tasks. The intuitive “point-and-click” interface reduces specialized training needs and gives the operator a clear picture of the robot and its surrounding environment.

screenshot of PathPlan software

By using COTS sensors, PathPlan autonomous motion planning software determines its workspace and uses its control algorithms to autonomously compute collision-free paths from the current robot position to the work surface or feature, as described below:  

graphic showing the robotic simulation process

The Teach Mode Module of PathPlan provides collision avoidance during manual or teach mode operations to protect the robot cell and work piece during the most likely times of a collision. In addition to the greatly reduced programming time for run time operations, the Teach Mode Module mitigates the vulnerabilities during operations that are not pre-scripted or when stepping through already scripted paths. 


PathPlan enables you to:

  • Upgrade current robotic capabilities to eliminate manual processes to work on complex surfaces and tasks

  • Reduce set-up time

  • Robotic platform agnostic

  • Real-time, predictive, collision avoidance protects valuable work pieces and robots

  • Confined and hazardous space operation – increasing safety and efficiency

  • Reduce or eliminate scripting and programming costs with automated dynamic route planning

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RIA Robot Programming: Tools and Techniques Webinar with Battelle's Dr. Krasny

Nov 14, 2016, 13:40 PM
“Are we there yet?” It seems that we talk a lot about time to market and getting automation installed quicker. In the final step in integration, getting robots commissioned to the shop floor, how can we get better? What are the trends and the tools to make robot programming faster? This webinar will feature industry experts, who will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that our industry faces in optimizing the last critical piece of integration: robot programming.
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