Our Human Centric Design Team

We consider ourselves fortunate to have some of the brightest and most creative minds walking our hallways and working in our labs.

Krista Alley Smith

Industrial Designer

“There's nothing like diving so deep in learning about people's lives that you not only learn about their ailments and struggles, but you also learn about their hopes and dreams, and then turning that into a solution that is everything they ever needed and wanted.”

About Krista Alley

Krista Alley Smith has more than seven years of experience within the medical device and consumer product development industries. As an Industrial Designer, she focuses on uncovering the root causes behind user needs in order to design safe and effective solutions.

Krista is a versatile member of the Human Centric Design team, encompassing a wide spectrum of product development, visual communications, and human factors research capabilities. Her experience includes the planning and execution of contextual and design research, the design and development of products and systems, and the facilitation and analysis of usability testing. 

Krista’s past research includes the identification and definition of development discipline roles, emphasizing the impact of industrial design on medical device usability within regulatory standards. 
  • Education

    • B.A. - Behavioral Science - The Ohio State University
    • B.S. - Industrial Design - The Ohio State University
    • Master of Design - Bio-Medical Design - University of Cincinnati
  • Affiliations & Associations

    • Industrial Designers Society of America - Member