MPS is Moving into the Mainstream. Is Your Lab Ready?

Battelle Whitepaper: Moving MPS to the Mainstream; An Implementation Roadmap for Massively Parallel Sequencing in Forensic Labs

Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) goes beyond evaluating DNA fragment length to read the sequence of DNA-giving investigators critical clues that narrow down lists of suspects or open new avenues of investigation. Discover the advantages to implementing MPS in your forensic lab—and get an implementation roadmap informed by Battelle’s real-world experience.

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Discover a Roadmap to Implement Massively Parallel Sequencing in Forensic Labs

MPS—sometimes known as next generation sequencing (NGS)—uses massively parallel processing technology to vastly increase the speed and processing power of DNA sequencing devices. Read our white paper to discover what it will take to get your lab ready for the next generation of DNA forensics.

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Welcome to the New Frontier

The ability of MPS to generate additional information from highly degraded or mixed samples gives investigators a powerful new tool for complex cases, such as analysis of DNA from skeletal remains, old bloodstains or contaminated crime scenes. MPS could be used to help solve cases that have reached a dead end using older DNA technologies.

One of the most promising applications of MPS today may be missing persons’ cases. Currently, due to a combination of reasons including technical specialization, many forensic laboratories do not analyze highly decomposed skeletal remains. Using traditional sequencing technologies, investigators may not be able to give families the definitive answers they want.

MPS has the potential to provide additional information that may be critical for supporting such difficult investigations. This may be the result of the expanded panel of genetic markers for prediction of physical characteristics, family relationships and increased identification capabilities. It may also provide new leads in other types of cold cases.

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