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Biosecurity and Pandemic preparedness

A defense system for today that creates protection and opportunities for tomorrow.

Within 180 days of the date of this order, the APNSA shall, in coordination with relevant agencies, the COVID-19 Response Coordinator, and the APDP, complete a review of and recommend actions to the President concerning emerging domestic and global biological risks and national biopreparedness policies.
—White House COVID-19, Global Health and Security Brief, February 2021
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Enhancing Future Biosecurity Workshop

What policies and actions will enable a bioeconomy that develops, fosters, and sustains key capabilities needed for biosecurity?

Battelle, in partnership with Ginkgo BioWorks and CSIS, is bringing together thought leaders, biosecurity experts, and policymakers to discuss policies that will promote essential biosecurity capabilities in the bioeconomy, and define actionable next steps and outcomes that the U.S. government can take in the near term.

Together, we can develop the framework that will help secure our nation against future biothreats.


How to Protect the Future

Biosecurity and pandemic preparedness enables the U.S. to take newly acquired knowledge about pandemic prevention and establish a unique, forward leaning, and proactive defense system.

What will it take to accomplish this?

Detect the Threats

Create a Solution

Eliminate the Threat

Survey and detect biological changes in environments and populations

Rapidly mobilize science and technology solutions to protect people on the front lines.

Rapidly produce medical countermeasures to eliminate pathogenic threats during times of low-level baseline activity and pandemic scale emergencies.

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Blog Post: Time for Biotechnology to Shine

Based on the hard lessons inflicted by a once-in-a-century pandemic, it’s clear that our focus should be on rapidly managing the next natural or engineered pathogen risk, not just eliminating it.

Learn more about Battelle's plan to create a bioeconomy to beat the next pandemic.

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