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Advancing Neurotechnology

We're working at the intersection of science and technology to pioneer ways to help people overcome devastating neurological damage and disorders. We're offering real hope by developing new technologies and progressing the state of the art.

“I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help push science and technology further and possibly help others living with paralysis.” Ian Burkhart, first NeuroLife® technology clinical trial patient

Solving the Impossible and Changing Lives

Battelle is harnessing the power of our technologies to go beyond paralysis and enhance physical and cognitive function.



We're assisting the body to go beyond physical limitations where biology is broken.
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We're restoring the body by optimizing recovery through targeted neuroplasticity and bioelectric medicine.


We're advancing the healthy body to perform beyond current physical and cognitive abilities.


Better Stroke Injury Assessment

After a stroke, it’s hard for physicians to know exactly what’s going on inside their patients. 

Battelle hopes to change that with our electromyography (EMG) system. The prototype system aims to more accurately assess the level of injury in stroke patients.

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Battelle Neurotechnology Experts

Unmatched Expertise

Battelle has no shortage of brilliant scientists and researchers. But what makes us really stand out in the crowd is the true depth and breadth of our experts and ability to reach across multiple disciplines.

Our employees – called “Solvers” for the solutions they provide to difficult challenges – are the glue that holds our company together and why we’re still here after 90 years. 

And nowhere is that more obvious than in our neurotechnology space. From electrical engineers and applied mathematicians to statisticians and biomedical engineers, we've got the expertise to solve your neurotech challenge.

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Photo: Nick Annetta, Battelle Neurotechnology Research Scientist

Nick Annetta

Research Scientist

Nick develops electronic hardware and signal processing methods for medical devices and has significant experience in neurotechnology.


Patrick Ganzer

Research Scientist

Patrick is advancing medicine at the interface between the nervous system and technology to help those with neurological diseases.

Photo: David Friedenberg,  Battelle Neurotechnology Statistician

David Friedenberg


Dave applies statistical and machine-learning algorithms to complex data sets and software teams for complex data processing systems.

Battelle Neurotechnology Experts




We do what we do to improve lives, not for accolades. But it certainly does feel nice when we get recognized for our efforts. Our awards include three R&D 100 Awards, the Annual BCI Research Award and the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award. 

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It would be impossible to help change the world without sharing our knowledge with others. We’re proud to have our experts’ work featured in a number of publications annually, including Nature, Scientific Reports, Bioelectric Medicine and Frontiers in Neuroscience

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Neurotechnology & Neuroscience 

Neurotech Trailblazer

Battelle's neurotechnology research would not be possible without the tenacity, courage and optimism of Ian Burkhart. Ian is the first NeuroLife technology clinical trial patient. His commitment to this neural processing project is a great example of Battelle's philosophy of It Can Be Done. The work Ian does today will impact the future of neurotechnology forever.

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News & Insights

Restoring the sense of touch

Restoring the Sense of Touch in Those with Spinal Cord Injury

Helping a person regain movement in a paralyzed limb is a momentous achievement. But movement isn’t enough. Sense of touch is also important.

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 artificial intelligence

Battelle To Explore Artificial Intelligence, Neural Interfaces with DARPA Award

Battelle is combining years of brain-computer interface (BCI) projects, such as NeuroLife®, with its expertise in machine learning and artificial i...

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Battelle's expertise in artificial intelligence

The Algorithm Is In: 5 Ways AI is Transforming Medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already transforming medicine in amazing ways—and the era of AI-based healthcare applications is just beginning.

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Our Goal: Veterans Using NeuroLife Systems at Home

It started out with the belief that we could help restore movement for someone who had lost so much. We wanted to make his hand work again, like it...

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