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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Connected vehicle technology has the potential to revolutionize the means of travel through creating a network that links together users and vehicles of the transportation grid. Learn more about Battelle’s role in the continued development of this sector in the transportation industry.


what’s inside

Forward Collision Warning

This alerts the driver in order to help avoid or mitigate the severity of crashes into the rear end of other vehicles on the road.

Emergency Electronic Brake Lights

These alert the driver to hard braking in the traffic stream ahead. It provides the driver with additional time to look for, and assess situations developing ahead.

Curve Speed Warning

These alerts are provided to the driver who is approaching a curve at a speed that may be too high for safe travel through that curve.


apply what you learn

Through research, development of prototype applications, and the deployment in testbeds, much has been learned on the technology’s functionality and overall potential. Battelle has played a leading role to advance the industry to this stage and will continue to do so. 

Just provide a bit of information on the right and you can learn more with our white paper: Intelligent Transportation Systems: Connected Vehicles.

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