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Massively Parallel Sequencing & The National Institute of Justice Study

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A Webcast Series for the DNA Technical Leader

In a groundbreaking 145-page report delivered to the NIJ, Battelle presents an objective analysis of Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) technology within the forensic lab environment. Subscribe to our DNA Technical Leader Webcast Series to go behind-the-scenes of this monumental study.

Episode 1: The Study Logistics

Join us to learn all about the outcomes of the study—and why it matters to you. Study Design, and Operational Logistics of the two-phased applied research program. 45:00 minutes

Episode 2: The Study Standards

Reproducibility, Concordance, Sensitivity, Precision 45:00 minutes

Episode 3: The Key Findings

Mixtures, Sequence Variation, Non-Probative Casework Sample Results, & Gap Assessment 45:00 minutes

Episode 4: The Real-Life MPS-in-Action Case Study

MPS, Battelle, and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation 45:00 minutes


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Join the ongoing conversation with thought leaders from the forensic community as we discuss the impact of the NIJ Report.

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