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 Battelle CCDS™ Next Steps


You will receive an email from a Battelle CCDS™ representative with the below information to complete your enrollment, but you can get started now.

To complete enrollment in the program and begin decontamination services you will need to do the following:

checkbox  STEP 1: Complete Services Agreement

Please go to to read and digitally sign the Services Agreement using Adobe Sign.

For an editable version, please email your request to

Please be aware, requesting changes to the Services Agreement will greatly delay enrollment completion.


checkbox  STEP 2: Check your email for your first Site Code 

Battelle will provide you a 3-digit site code for the facility location you listed on your agreement. The 3-digit site code is to be marked on each N95 respirator you collect and on the shipping boxes. The 3-digit site code allows Battelle to identify your N95s.

Some health care facilities add a Location 2-digit code to help them with their own process to identify a unit, floor or ward. This is completely optional.

If you have more than one facility location and need more than a single 3-Digit Site Code you will be provided a CCDS account and will need to establish a password to create additional Site Codes.


checkbox  STEP 3: Begin collecting and labeling your N95 respirators
Each N95 respirator must be handled and labeled properly for Battelle to decontaminate it. The instructions below provide details on how to collect, label, and package your respirators for shipment.

To help you best use the CCDS service, please refer to the CCDS Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Note: Not all N95s can be decontaminated.  You can identify the types of N95s that Battelle is authorized to decontaminate in the Battelle CCDS N95 Guidance document. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that every N95 is properly labeled and free of any visible soiling such as blood, bodily fluids, and makeup. We cannot decontaminate N95s that do not meet these requirements.

Also, please review the detailed EAU instructions provided in the links below:


checkbox  STEP 4: Ship your PPE
FedEx shipping service is available for immediate use, with on-demand label printing through the Battelle CCDS™ Client Shipping Portal at . You are responsible for labeling, bagging and packaging your N95s. FedEx will pick up and drop off your packages.


When you prepare to send your N95s, you will need to download and fill out the Chain of Custody Form [xlsx]. Please provide one form per shipment.

Additional Collection, Packing and Shipping Information

If you still have questions

The Battelle CCDS™ team will be sending you an email shortly with this information. If you have questions, please follow-up with the CCDS team.  If you haven't received an email one hour after submitting the form, please check your spam folder or contact us at