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Neural Sleeve for Neuromuscular Stimulation, Sensing and Recording

US20180154140A1 · Jun 6, 2017, 23:00 PM
The present disclosure relates to neuromuscular stimulation and sensing cuffs. The neuromuscular stimulation cuff has at least two fingers and a plurality of electrodes disposed on each finger. More generally, the neuromuscular stimulation cuff includes an outer, reusable component and an inner, disposable component. One or more electrodes are housed within the reusable component. The neuromuscular stimulation cuff may be produced by providing an insulating substrate layer, forming a conductive circuit on the substrate layer to form a conductive circuit layer, adhering a cover layer onto the conductive circuit layer to form a flexible circuit, and cutting at least one flexible finger from the flexible circuit. The neuromuscular stimulation cuff employs a flexible multi - electrode design which allows for reanimation of complex muscle movements in a patient, including
individual finger movement.

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