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I’ve spent the better part of my career working alongside educators to design solutions to meet kids where they are and propel them as far as they can go. It didn’t take me long to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for a group of kids. The best opportunities for students are personalized, challenging, and inspiring. I’m sure the educators are in full agreement with that statement (along with parents, aunts, mentors, coaches … and the list goes on). They would also agree that designing those opportunities is no easy task.

For me, STEM education was a place that designing those solutions to challenge and inspire kids, while still supporting and encouraging them, was not only welcomed, it was expected. I’ve spent years working on local, regional and state STEM challenges.

Now I’m honored to be part of a group that is looking at national solutions to STEM education challenges. 

I am one of 18 individuals named to the newly created STEM Education Advisory Panel. Our group, authorized by Congress, will identify opportunities to update the Federal STEM Education 5-year Strategic Plan, and advise a group of federal organizations as they execute their STEM education outreach strategies.

This work matters. High quality STEM education is an essential way to address the equity gap that faces so many America children. As the workforce of the future progresses, technical literacy becomes the basic entry requirement. Students in a quality STEM education program also learn skills and content knowledge they need to gain entry into the workforce.

Great STEM education does so much more than teach technical literacy and content knowledge. The best STEM education includes a purposeful focus on building habits and character alongside building content and skills. 

Great STEM educators design opportunities that inspire students to dream about solutions that seem unfathomable, and to persist through even the most heart-breaking failures.

That is the vision of STEM that we at Battelle strive to create for students in the communities where we live and work. That is vision of STEM that I hope to bring to more of our country's students through this esteemed panel.

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Aimee Kennedy is Senior Vice President for Education, STEM Learning and Philanthropy at Battlle. She directs Battelle’s efforts to foster innovative schools that prepare students for tomorrow’s career and college environment.

July 18, 2018
Aimee Kennedy
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