The IEEE PAINE Conference covers the broad topic of hardware security and trust. Battelle is proud to sponsor and participate in PAINE 2021.

Join us to learn more about our hardware and systems assurance capabilities. Faulty or maliciously-altered microelectronics can cause mission-critical systems to fail. Battelle offers a scalable, science-based approach to this complex security problem.

Where to Find Us

Tuesday, November 30 from 3:30pm-3:50pm
SESSION III: Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence for Assurance I
Presenter: Adam R. Waite
Presentation Title: Preparation, Imaging, and Design Extraction of the Front-End-of-Line and Middle-of-Line in a 14-nm Node FinFET Device

Wednesday, December 1 from 4:30pm-4:45pm
SESSION VIII: FPGA Bitstream Protection and Vulnerabilities
Presenter: Jeffrey Simon
Presentation Title: Two-Photon Optical Beam Induced Current for Circuit Level Verification and Validation of a 130 nm Microelectronic Device