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Intern Spotlight: Battelle Welcomes Students Outside the Sciences

The right internship gives students a sense of readiness and confidence to smoothly transition into a career after graduation. At Battelle, we understand the importance of internships and how they shapes early-career professionals. We cultivate an environment that empowers critical thinking, fosters creativity and inspires innovation. Our interns work alongside experts in their field to gain experience working on projects that make the world a better place to live.  

While we do have a lot of internship opportunities for the next generation of scientists and engineers, there are a host of professional internships that support our amazing research and mission every day at Battelle. Hear from some of our past and current interns working on these corporate support teams. 


Leah Robinson, Internal Audit Intern 
Education: Finance major with a minor in human capital leadership and management 

Q: Why would you recommend Battelle to other students? 

A: “They have an unmatched culture. People are always willing to help you out or just share about their experience if you are interested. They have put a lot of effort into their internship program throughout the years and created a program that gives everyone a great deal of experience within their departments and with basic professional skills as well.” 

Q: What has surprised you the most about working for Battelle so far? 

A: “How much everyone respects and is willing to help out other employees at the company. There is a great deal of collaboration between departments and teamwork within departments. They also care a lot about employee growth and development and finding a role for each individual that they are best suited for.” 

Jared Murray, Talent Acquisition Co-op 
Education: Human development and family science major  

Q: What has surprised you the most about working for Battelle so far? 

A: “The access to the Senior Leadership Team, as well as my own director, has surprised me the most. I feel really comfortable approaching my director, the other directors within the HR department, as well as the members of the Senior Leadership Team who I have interacted with in the past. I know that is not a common experience at all organizations. At Battelle, I believe our leadership does a great job of making themselves available and approachable to their employees.” 

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of during your Battelle internship so far? 
A: “Every single time an intern or co-op candidate I have recruited signs their offer letter, I feel it is a big accomplishment. However, one accomplishment I am very proud of came in the form of an email. One of the past summer interns who was just completing their summer term reached out to me to thank me for helping them get excited about Battelle, as I was their first point of contact from the company. Additionally, they also thanked me for all of the work I had done to help facilitate the summer internship program. That was big for me as it confirmed that I am on the right career path and can achieve my goal of impacting lives through my profession.” 

Quote from battelle intern julia bosco

Tori Ampiaw, Digital Marketing Co-Op 
Education: Marketing major  

Q: How will you feel better prepared to enter the job market after your Battelle internship? 

A: “Being able to have skills that I am able to speak to in a field like digital marketing is extremely helpful. Being a well-rounded marketing student will allow me to show recruiters that I am a fast learner and able to take on various responsibilities. I also think that I will be able to confidently speak to the experiences I have had here since the work I am doing is directly impacting the team and I am treated like I am a full employee on the team.” 

Q: What is one thing that has stood out the most in your internship so far? 

A: “I would say something that’s stood out to me the most has been the importance that my team has put on my education and how encouraging and understanding they’ve been with my school experience and my ability to work with Battelle at the same time. I also think the ability for us to be remote for most of the week while still going in the office one day has made it easier for me to balance work and school while still being able to interact with the digital marketing team on a more personal level.” 

Charles Rebuck, Corporate Accounting Intern 
Education: Accounting 

Q: How did your experience at Battelle build off your school studies? 

A: “My internship gave me a real-world experience of what working as an accountant can entail. I worked with documents and accounts we discussed in class, and was able to easily interpret information using skills I've learned from school.” 

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of during your Battelle internship? 

A: “I am most proud of the presentations I was able to conduct. These opportunities enabled me to develop my presentation skills and present to managers and employees across the company.” 

Quote from battelle co-op tyler fitch

Julia Bosco, Contracts, Procurement, and Supplier Diversity Intern 
Education: Operations management major, with a focus on purchasing 

Q: In what ways has your Battelle internship experience exceeded expectations? 

A: “My internship at Battelle has exceeded all of my expectations. To start, the people I work with are truly amazing. Every person, no matter their level, is always offering me help and advice. I do not feel like an intern, rather a true and valued member of the team. I do real work that is important, which many interns do not get to experience at other companies. The internship is also tailored to what I am interested in and passionate about, and I am able to have a hand in many different projects.” 

Q: How do you feel better prepared to enter the job market after starting your Battelle internship? 

A: “Interning at Battelle has made me more confident, both personally and professionally. Not only have I gained a wide variety of technical skills that I will continue to develop in my career, but I have strengthened my soft skills too. It has made me realize what my strengths are and what I can improve upon to become the best employee I can be. Battelle has given me the necessary real-world experience that can, and will, set me up for future success.” 

Tyler Fitch, Talent Acquisition Co-Op 
Education: Business administration major specializing in human resources

Q: In what ways has your Battelle internship experience exceeded expectations? 

A: “My internship with Battelle has exceeded my expectations by helping in my self-discovery of what facet of human resources interests me. With exposure to a real talent acquisition processes and trust from leadership, I felt equipped to succeed within my role and seek out new innovations in our sourcing and recruiting techniques.” 

Q: Why would you recommend Battelle to other students? 
A: “Battelle offers a prestigious working experience that gives you the ability to be a part of something bigger - consequential work that aids in driving our societies and economies forward. Every day at Battelle offers a new opportunity to grow as an individual by immersing yourself in an environment driven by its people all working towards a common goal of world-changing solutions.”  

Pave Your Career Path With Battelle  

Are you a student ready to intern at Battelle? Check out our internship and co-op page to see any open positions. Looking for a full-time job? Current openings are available at   

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October 28, 2022
Riley Rogers
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