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Intern Spotlight: Engineering Students Apply Classroom Knowledge at Battelle

Battelle’s diverse mix of expertise allows us to deliver the most effective solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. One of our main areas of expertise is engineering, which makes us a great choice for any students looking for internships and co-ops in a variety of engineering disciplines. Curious how Battelle brings value to an engineering education? Hear directly from a few of the students who joined us this year. 

Aratrik Guha 

Education: Doctoral student at Case Western Reserve University
Internship focus: Neurotechnology biomedical research engineering 

Q: As a doctoral student, why was Battelle the right choice for you? 

A: “The anatomy of the NeuroLife team at Battelle is both diverse in culture and technical experience. Despite the grand array of projects the team was undertaking, they made time to facilitate and elaborate on my role and understanding. I am immensely grateful for their supportive nature. It’s nearly impossible to find an organization that trains graduate level students in the niche field of neuroengineering. Battelle’s medical device group should be the first place any biomedical engineering student should look for an immersive, growth inducing and challenging experience.

Laura Lang

Education: Chemical engineering major at University of Dayton
Internship focus: Environment and remediation

Q: How did your internship experiences build off what you’re studying in school? 

A: “Working on the PFAS Annihilator was certainly a unique experience and is very chemical engineering-based, which made it super applicable to my major and knowledge. My experiences through the internship have helped me understand certain processes, equipment and results that I knew about but wasn’t confident that I understood or could apply outside of a class.” 

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Thomas Deucher 

Education: Material science and engineering major at Purdue University
Internship focus: Advanced materials, national security

Q: In what ways did your Battelle internship experience exceed expectations? 

A: “Potential project exposure unlike any other opportunity I am aware of. I specify potential due to the ground provided to run with ideas given by Battelle. I worked on a project that people outside of our department mentioned as one they are most excited to see where it goes. This past summer I was highly involved in the discussions revolving around the future of this project, which eventually led to co-inventorship on a pending patent supporting this invention. Battelle’s not only willingness but enthusiasm to listen to interns’ ideas truly exceeded any expectations I had.”  

Trey Zeiger  

Education: Computer science and engineering major at Ohio State
Internship focus: Software engineering, health analytics

Q: Why would you recommend Battelle to other students? 

A: “Battelle has been the best company I’ve ever worked for, both for the work I was doing and their overall mission. Every day it felt like I learned about some new super cool project that Battelle was working on and another volunteering event other employees were going to. It felt like my team leads and managers really cared about getting to know me and help me grow throughout the summer. Especially being a CSE major, it’s so easy to be sucked into a job where it feels like you’re just a cog in the machine. But at Battelle I was immediately treated like a part of the team and trusted as one too.” 

Pave Your Career Path With Battelle 

Are you an engineering student ready to intern at Battelle? Check out our internship and co-op page to see career fairs we’re visiting and any open positions. If we’re coming to your school, stop by to talk to our recruiters to learn about internship, co-op and entry level opportunities. Current job openings are available at  

You belong with the brightest minds—apply today to join our team. 

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September 20, 2022
Alex Drummer
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