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Cybersecurity Compliance for Government Sales

By proactively designing IT systems and devices with Government sales in mind, it is possible to include elements and documentation that will significantly simplify IT security compliance issues during Government sales.
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What's Inside

As medical devices become increasingly network connected, they pose new risks to cybersecurity. In response to this fact, the U.S. Government (Government) is now requiring medical devices to comply with the same rules and requirements that have been established for Information Technology (IT) equipment. Failure to comply with these requirements can prevent the sale of a product. 

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Areas of Concern

A list that includes areas of concern when selling to the Government. These align with the top-level control types that are eligible to be applied to any product or device acquired and used by the Government. This list is not all inclusive but does provide a high-level summary of the main drivers for application of IT security controls.

Design Approach for Government Sales

To design more efficiently for Government sales, identify and integrate potential Government requirements into the product design and documentation by applying 5 principles.