PFAS Assessment and Mitigation

Battelle’s unmatched technical expertise, services, technologies and facilities provide proven, cost-effective solutions to address the growing challenges of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
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The Environmental Challenge of a Generation 

PFAS has been widely used in the United States in a variety of applications, and there are concerns about widespread contamination, environmental risks and human health implications. Battelle is accelerating innovation to address the challenge of identifying PFAS contamination, breaking the substances down, destroying them forever and finding alternative chemicals to use with similar properties. 

Ready-Now Solutions

Thanks to years of internal research and development focused on what was an “emerging contaminant,” Battelle has a full suite of technologies and services that are ready now to solve your PFAS contamination challenges. No more searching and waiting for solutions. The tools are here today.   
  • Source tracking for PFAS
  • Rapid tests to determine PFAS presence
  • Analytical methods for new and emerging compounds
  • Optimized total oxidizable precursor assay
  • Groundwater PFAS transport simulator
  • Passive sampling in aquatic systems
  • Ambient air monitoring for PFAS
  • Complete PFAS destruction
  • Removing PFAS from GAC
  • Review of state and federal public health policies
  • Investigations of pathways and biomarkers for exposure measurements
  • In vivo and in vitro studies to investigate the impact of different compounds and concentrations
  • Long-range, geographically focused and demographical studies on populations

Our Products and Services

PFAS PREDICT™ Groundwater Fate & Transport Modeling

Sep 22, 2021, 20:04 PM
Title : PFAS PREDICT™ Groundwater Fate & Transport Modeling
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Simulates PFAS fate and transport with unique options to scale dispersion processes based on modeling PFAS groundwater plumes. 
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Photo: Groundwater about to be modeled by Battelle PFAS Predict technology
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