Medical Technology

Advancements for the Health of Humankind

Battelle pushes technological innovation boundaries to improve the health and well-being of people’s lives. We help you enter new markets to successfully reach your target customers.

Our Solutions

Multidisciplinary, Cross-Industry Approach

Navigate the complexities of bringing products to the marketplace with Battelle.

We provide transformative solutions for our medical, governmental, and scientific partners to solve pressing global problems. We do this with integrity. From development and design, rapid prototyping and testing, or support for regulatory requirements, Battelle’s processes are focused on making a difference.

Our design, development, and testing expertise have led to the success of over 20 FDA-approved medical products on the market.

How We Help

  • Battelle can deliver what you need to help you get to market and stay in market.
  • We help you overcome the challenging technical, regulatory, and commercial hurdles that come with the creation of innovative medical devices. 
  • Our team of over 85 dedicated experts with world-class experience across scientific, engineering, and technological disciplines, give you the comprehensive perspective necessary to develop commercially viable solutions. 
  • Battelle’s mission as a non-profit organization is to solve the world’s greatest challenges with unparalleled medical technology capabilities.

Extensive experience. Scalable infrastructure. Continued success.

65 +

years of medical device design and development experience

250 +

companies assisted as their medical device research and development partner

100 %

success rate for FDA submissions with Battelle human centric design work


specialty labs dedicated to medical research and development

40 +

granted medical technology patents and 100+ patents pending.

Battelle NeuroLife® Technology

Battelle’s NeuroLife® wearable sleeve showcases our neural bypass expertise in developing life-saving products. For the first time ever, this brain-computer interface (BCI) technology allows us to measure the nerves and muscles of the body in real time with high resolution. The result is targeted stimulation interventions that recreate complex, dexterous movements.
Explore NeuroLife


Disclaimer: This is an investigational device, it's not commercially available, and it has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. Results shown are from studies performed.


Featured Experts

Nicole Steele

Oct 11, 2021, 08:23 AM
Title : Nicole Steele
Name : Nicole Steele
Position : Medical Device Solutions Leader

Nicole leads a large team of researchers who develop medical technology devices, health and medical products, and other global innovations. She and her team are focused on delivering world-class client experiences for a broad range of clients.

Photo: Nicole Steele, Battelle Medical Device Solutions Leader
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