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We provide insights that help healthcare systems better serve their patients. That’s why providers such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) choose Battelle to drive innovation and optimization.
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Insights for Improving Healthcare

Battelle improves the performance of health systems, small and large. Our goal is to improve the performance of the healthcare system by solving the challenges needed to keep pace with the need for better information to guide clinical decision making at the point of care.  Our solutions improve patient outcomes and reduce unwarranted variation in healthcare delivery.

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Battelle’s Partnership for Quality Measurement (PQM) is one of only three CMS-certified consensus-based entities (CBEs). Battelle’s PQM process is reliable, transparent, attainable, and meaningful.  
Battelle’s ability to gather and analyze huge amounts of data to predict patient outcomes advances value-based purchasing and sets the new standard of care.   
By examining variation in healthcare delivery and corresponding outcomes, we help clients make better decisions about service to facilitate patient well-being.   
We evaluate how different types of messages across communication channels perform and examine the effectiveness of proposed messages and materials.  
Battelle's advanced technology and analytics are designed to improve efficiency of healthcare delivery, patient experience, and health outcomes. 

WayFinder Q.I Dashboard

Find the actionable information hiding in your patient data. Battelle WayFinder Q.I. Dashboard puts current hospital quality data at your fingertips to help you achieve better patient outcomes and improved reimbursement rates.
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The Battelle Sematrix™ Advantage

Enable busy clinicians to stay on top of current evidence with the Battelle Sematrix™ tool. Sematrix converts high volumes of information into a format that healthcare professionals can easily digest to gain crucial up-to-date insights.

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Photo: Healthcare worker viewing data from the Battelle Sematrix tool

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Jeff Geppert

Oct 4, 2021, 13:34 PM
Title : Jeff Geppert
Name : Jeff Geppert
Position : Healthcare Quality Senior Research Leader
Jeff is a nationally recognized expert in the field of clinical quality measure development and serves as principal investigator on several quality measurement and improvement projects. He was instrumental in the development of analytic tools including Battelle Sematrix™ and the Battelle WayFinder™ Quality Indicator Dashboard, a cloud-based quality improvement analytics tool that helps hospitals monitor performance, analyze trends, and identify areas for improvement. 
Photo of Jeff Geppert
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