Chemical Demilitarization

Battelle has the experience, ability and determination to protect national security interests, human health and the environment through effective chemical demilitarization. Our experts neutralize threats associated with a wide range of high-hazard chemicals to make the world a safer place.
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Applied Science to Protect Our World

Battelle is proud to be part of these ongoing efforts to reduce the risks that chemical weapons present to our nation and the world.  We provide expert technical, scientific and operational services to mitigate current and future threats presented by highly toxic chemicals. 

Our Services

We’re bringing the next generation of elimination products to market quickly and safely–including products for air monitoring, waste characterization, laboratory information management and more.

From hazard assessment to ongoing monitoring, we help develop and implement demilitarization programs, facilities and expertise needed to safely handle high-hazard materials. 

Our services include:

  • Combating weapons of mass destruction and federal agency technical support
  • High-hazard risk assessment, gap analysis and mitigation
  • Environmental monitoring and permitting 
  • Sample collection and analysis  
  • Technical onsite and offsite professional services 
  • Analysis of alternative studies
  • For decades, the U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Homeland Security have trusted Battelle to manage and operate multiple national laboratories.

    Trusted Partners with the Department of Defense

    Battelle supports the Department of Defense (DoD) as they work to destroy chemical agents in existing stockpiles, safely dispose of residual waste and close the sites in an environmentally responsible manner. While several sites have already been closed, Battelle provides continued support at the two remaining stockpiles in Pueblo, Colorado and Bluegrass, Kentucky.
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    Readiness and Training

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    Battelle’s experts help government clients minimize the risk associated with CBRNE threats through extensive training of first responders and counter-proliferation support. 

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    DVIDS Photo: Four marines in CBRNE training and readiness response scenario
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