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Battelle proudly provides deep scientific and operational expertise to give CBRNE training to first responders and military personnel. Their safety is critical to protecting our way of life and our national security relies on their success. This is the work that safeguards our national interests.
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Solving CBRNE challenges requires expertise across a range of fields and disciplines. Battelle solves complex technical and operational CBRNE problems with a globally engaged network of CBRNE-related experts. Our solutions range from training first responders to counter-proliferation support. No institution has the breadth of expertise to offer the level of CBRNE support that Battelle offers.

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We provide specialized laboratory and classroom-based CBRNE education and training to enhance homeland-security preparedness, response and recovery. Our training experts are readiness multipliers that support planning, execution, and assessments of CWMD and Counter Improvised Threat exercise scenarios.
Battelle informs and enhances operational bio-surveillance, enhances global health security and fosters safe, secure and sustainable bioscience capabilities.

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Sam Christopher

Sep 29, 2021, 22:37 PM
Title : Sam Christopher
Name : Sam Christopher
Position : Program Manager and Business Developer
As a Program Manager, Sam has been responsible for projects that have been executed in every Combatant Command and has worked for DHS in the National Exercise Program and the FEMA Regional Exercise program. As a trainer, educator, and exercise SME, Sam leads and participates in events, keeping up to date with the ever-changing procedures and processes involved in Combating WMD's. 
Photo: Battelle expert Sam Christopher
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