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Battelle has the world-class expertise and unique, versatile laboratory facilities to provide a complete platform for conducting all facets of energetic and hazardous research in a thorough, safe and efficient manner.
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Full Spectrum Service at a Single Site

Battelle is a comprehensive source for lifecycle research and development for energetic formulations, munition and weapon testing, sustainment and demilitarization. We help organizations design, synthesize, formulate, prototype and test at a single site to streamline the process and minimize contractor involvement.


Specialized Facilities


Battelle has built a world-class network of research, testing, and development facilities.   

  • Gram Scale Primary and Sensitive Explosives Laboratory  
  • 3 all-weather explosive test chambers (up to 50 lbs TNT NEW)  
  • Small Caliber Test Range (up to 40 mm)  
  • Explosive Melt-Cast and Cast-Cure Loading  
  • Flexible Explosive Press Facilities  
  • Ordnance Load, Assemble, Test (LAT)/First Article Test (FAT) Facilities  

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Photo: test of energetics on hazmat suits at HELA
Photo: explosive on sand

How We Help

  • Customized and special needs energetic materials development
  • Performance characterization of energetic materials and warheads
  • IHC and Qualification testing of new energetic materials 
  • Formulation and characterization of new explosive materials, from gram-scale to arena tests 
  • Rapid prototyping of solutions to meet emerging needs
  • Chemical process development for energetic materials (including synthesis, coatings, and formulation)  
  • Turn material science into polymers for binders, plasticizers and coatings 
  • Advanced measurement tools, including photon Doppler velocimetry (PDV), high-speed video, thin-film pressure gauges, UV/VIS, IR and Raman spectroscopy, DSC/TGA and electron microscopy 

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Russ Hrdy

Oct 12, 2021, 12:02 PM
Title : Russ Hrdy
Name : Russ Hrdy
Position : Program Manager
Russ is a former Colonel in the U.S. Army with more than 28 years of service and nearly two decades of program management experience. At Battelle, he manages programs that support munition sustainment, capability enhancements and new product development. 
Photo of Russ Hrdy
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