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Ohio Magazine - We talked with Sanchez about Battelle’s culture, Ohio’s role in battling COVID-19 and a possible second wave of the virus.

WTAP - “The Battelle Family, that gave, one of the solutions to cleaning the masks for the virus that’s going around, they traced their great grandfather back to a Mr. Battelle who lived in Newport and served in the American Revolution,” said Yost.

The Kansan - Battelle, a private nonprofit applied science and technology company, has partnered with FEMA to deploy 60 critical care decontamination systems throughout the country.

Telluride Daily Planet - N95 masks are in short supply, but a system that went into effect in Montrose last week could offer some help, by decontaminating up to 80,000 N-95 masks every day. Each used mask, according to the nonprofit scientific research firm Battelle, can be decontaminated and redeployed for “battle” against the coronavirus up to 20 times.

The Westminster Window - The Adams County operation, one of 45 that FEMA has set up around the country with national logistics consultants Battelle, is just getting started, Koszowski said. The site has been open and in operation since May 4.

The Ohio State University - Weeks prior to crisscrossing the nation, Loesch volunteered to be a site engineer for a Battelle team that is setting up Critical Care Decontamination Systems at health care locations throughout the country.

West Dakota Fox - The Department of Health received a sanitizing station from Battelle, which cleans upwards of 80,000 masks a day, and can make what was a one-time use, a 3-time cycle.

Pocono Record - One of those pivotal PEMA missions included acquiring a Battelle CCDS Critical Care Decontamination System for the commonwealth, allowing for the decontamination of center N95 masks up to 20 times.

The Columbus Dispatch - Dr. Alex Harrison, a recent graduate of Ohio State University’s College of Medicine, is working in Seattle as part of a team from Battelle decontaminating N95 masks for frontline health-care providers.

The Roanoke Times - A new facility on Virginia Tech’s campus is taking aim at the N95 mask shortage that hampered medical efforts earlier in the coronavirus pandemic.

WTMJ - While Personal Protective Equipment is still hard to come by, a decontamination site in Madison promises to clean as many as 80,000 N95 masks a day and get them back into circulation.

Columbus CEO - Columbus region companies and research institutions are ground zero for development of the equipment, medicine and information sharing the world needs to combat COVID-19.

Reuters - A sensorimotor neural interface successfully restored touch sensation in a patient with quadriplegia resulting from spinal cord injury (SCI), researchers report.

Wired - After spending years working to adjust to his new reality, Burkhart enrolled in an experimental program called NeuroLife at Battelle, a nonprofit research organization in Ohio. The plan was to implant a small computer chip in his brain and use it to improve the range of motion in his arms and to artificially recreate his sense of touch. It was a long shot, but Burkhart says the potential upside was worth it.

ARS Technica - Ian Burkhart, now 28, had a diving accident in 2010 that severely damaged his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, with only limited movement in his elbow and shoulders. Thanks to an implanted brain-computer-interface (BCI) developed by Battelle, he has made significant progress over the last six years in restoring small movements; he's even able to play Guitar Hero again.

The Chicago Tribune - Late last week, in the parking lot of a medical device supplier in Waukegan, one of the first sterilization facilities developed by Battelle started loading used masks onto racks inside converted shipping containers and pumping in hydrogen peroxide gas. The process can clean and rejuvenate up to 80,000 N95s a day at the site, company officials said.

AAFP - OhioHealth started 2020 with what was projected to be a year's supply of N95 masks, but when COVID-19 arrived in the Buckeye State in early March, projections showed that the stockpile might last less than two months during a surge of cases.

WGBH - Massachusetts General Hospital's effort to get more desperately needed masks to its health care workers on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic received a big boost this week. More than 2,000 clinicians taking care of patients at the hospital are now using re-circulated N95 masks sanitized by the Battelle mask decontamination system in Somerville.

CNN - The Pentagon announced a major contract for 60 decontamination units that will allow millions of N95 masks to be reused amid a shortage of personal protective equipment for medical professionals treating coronavirus patients.

MassLive - A site in Somerville that will be able to decontaminate up to tens of thousands of N95 masks per day is being highlighted as a key piece of protecting the supply of personal protective equipment, or PPE, for health care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

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