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ExecutiveGov - Battelle has announced that its company researchers have supported three Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) projects to analyze the timeline of how long COVID-19 lives on a variety of surfaces and what available disinfecting products are effective, the company announced on Wednesday.

NewsTalk - Restoring that ability to those who have lost it is a monumental task and one that this week's guest is at the forefront of Patrick Ganzer is Principal Research Scientist with Battelle.

Click 2 Houston - Equipment set up in part of Houston’s NRG Arena is helping to service N95 masks for healthcare workers to reuse. Battelle Memorial Institute’s Critical Care Decontamination System has been operating in Hall A since May 1, the organization said.

Inside Battelle - As infections and deaths from the pandemic continue to spike throughout the country, Battelle is serving more than large hospital systems with its free service. At the Little Sisters of the Poor’s Villa Guadalupe facility in Gallup, New Mexico, the pandemic situation was dire.

KITV - The company that sterilizes the masks is called Battelle, using new technology called Critical Care Decontamination System. It's a first in Hawaii, work is done 24/7 and the process starts online.

Deal Architect - In addition, they have been working on new forms of CV19 tests, more affordable ventilators, and even a sensor to detect CV19 in the air. He also describes work around vaccines, environmental models, "forever" chemicals and brain-machine interfaces to help paraplegics. They have also had a role in a number of consumer products like CD-ROMs, candy coatings and golf balls. He says he feels like he is back at Bell Labs in its heyday when they were patenting a new product a day.

Virginia tech - Christian Williams, a research chemist who is site lead at the Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System in Blacksburg, spoke via Zoom to the class of high schoolers participating in Unite, a two-year grant awarded to Virginia Tech’s TRIO Programs.

KTSM - Ohio-based non-profit company Battelle, came to El Paso in May to use their disinfecting system for cleaning N95 masks and make them reusable for medical providers.

Massive Science - Researchers at Battelle Memorial Institute and the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University were able to use a brain-machine interface (BMI) to partially restore Burkhart’s ability to move his own hand.

ZD Net - Ohio-based R&D company Battelle is one of six groups to receive DARPA funding for a minimally invasive system that should eventually be able to gather and transmit information to soldiers' brains. "Imagine this: A soldier puts on a helmet and uses his or her thoughts alone to control multiple unmanned vehicles or a bomb disposal robot," as the company explained the project last year.

ZD Net - In the US, Battelle has created a BCI system that works by gathering 'residual touch' signals. Someone with a complete spinal cord injury may feel no sense of touch whatsoever below a certain level on their body, but often the faintest wisps of nerve fibre connecting the brain and the periphery still exist. They may not be strong enough to cause a person to feel a sensation of touch, but they can still provoke electrical activity in the brain. Battelle's system picks up the signals in the brain via an array in the motor cortex, decodes and amplifies them, and then passes on the sensory feedback to a separate area on the users' body which still has a working sense of touch.

GOVCON Wire - Battelle has donated $1 million to the Washington State STEM Education Foundation to advance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in the Tri-Cities, the company announced Thursday.

Art Critique - During the end of June and throughout July, REALM Project researchers conducted studies on five more library standards: braille paper pages; glossy paper pages; magazine pages; children’s board books; and archival folders. Held at standard room temperatures with typical humidity conditions in order to mimic usual storage methods, the items were inoculated and placed in stacks or on shelves. After two days of quarantine, archival folders were free of SARS-CoV-2 and after four days, braille pages, glossy pages, and board books were also found to be free of SARS-CoV-2. However, even after four days of quarantine, magazine pages still showed trace amounts of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

News Tribune - As the pandemic took hold this past spring and supplies of personal protective equipment including N95 respirator masks drew short, a Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System was deployed in April in Jefferson City to serve hospitals, health care providers and first responders from across Missouri.

Las Cruces Sun News - To date, the company says it has sterilized more than 1.4 million masks and offers door-to-door service to medical and correctional facilities free of charge, including shipping to and from their facilities.

ExecutiveGov - The Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System (CCDS) has passed both filtration efficiency and fit-related evaluations for its 1860 and 8210 3M respirators, Battelle CCDS reported on Thursday.

ABC 6 - The Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation (CMLF) shared it has received a $2.15 million gift from Battelle in support of Columbus Metropolitan Library’s (CML) Young Minds programs and services.

Tri-City Herald - Battelle is donating $1 million to help turn students in the Tri-Cities area into the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The Columbus Dispatch - Battelle is donating $2.15 million to the Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation to support the library’s “Young Minds” initiatives.

Bloomberg Law - The largest decontamination effort is overseen by Battelle Memorial Institute, an Ohio nonprofit company. Will Richter, a microbiologist and principal research scientist with Battelle, said the company has decontaminated about 1.2 million N95 masks at centers across the nation.

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