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Massively Parallel Sequencing: The Future of DNA Sequencing

Lab Equipment

Posted by Michelle Taylor on May 2, 2018

Three decades ago, DNA profiling was used for the first time in the United States, successfully tying a rapist to his crime. In Orange County, Florida in 1987, Tommy Lee Andrews was convicted of rape after DNA tests matched his DNA from a blood sample with that of semen traces found in the rape victim. 

This changed everything—from police investigations and forensic laboratories to the criminal justice system as a whole. 

Since DNA analysis became commonplace, it has held a prominence in the criminal justice system akin only to fingerprints. In that time—much like the rest of technology, regardless of industry—DNA has benefited from advanced innovations, such as the ability to use a wet vacuum collection system to pull microscopic trace DNA, or the advent of DNA software that can easily interpret mixtures once considered too complex to understand. 

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