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Battelle Licenses Inhalation Drug Delivery Technology to the Incubation Factory

Posted on Apr 27, 2009

COLUMBUS, OH. 27 April, 2009  - Battelle has licensed its Opt-EFX™ electrohydrodynamic (EHD) technology for inhalation drug delivery applications to The Incubation Factory, a market accelerator focused on creating and growing high potential companies based on breakthrough technologies. The licensing of this Opt-EFX™ technology for inhalation drug delivery represents the commercialization of a Battelle innovation in healthcare.

“Battelle is proud of the innovations we have created with the Opt-EFX technology and its potential future therapeutic and economic impact in the inhalation drug delivery market, a core Battelle Health & Life Sciences area of expertise.  We are also excited about expanding our commercialization relationship with The Incubation Factory,” said Barbara Kunz, President of the Health and Life Sciences Global Business at Battelle.

“Opt-EFX™ holds great potential to be an effective and efficient platform for delivering drugs via the respiratory system.  There are classes of drugs and disease states in which the Opt-EFX ™ technology could provide significant benefits to patients.  We are excited to form a company, Optivair LLC, to commercialize drug delivery products based on Battelle’s Opt-EFX™ platform,” said Randy Delkus, President of The Incubation Factory.

Under the terms of the agreement, The Incubation Factory has the right to commercialize products based on Battelle’s Opt-EFX™ technology for inhalation drug delivery.  This agreement is in addition to a recently announced agreement in which The Incubation Factory was granted the right to commercialize Battelle’s Opt-EFX™ technology in a broad range of applications and market verticals, most notably consumer home fragrance. 

Battelle’s Opt-EFX™ technology, based on electrohydrodynamics (EHD), converts electrical energy into kinetic energy as the material is emitted from a nozzle. It produces, in the case of this license, Optimist™ aerosols. Opt-EFX™ technology combines the disciplines of physics, electric fields and formulation chemistry in a process that generates reproducible, monodisperse particles, droplets, or aerosols.  Opt-EFX™ technology has been shown to produce uniform, high efficiency lung deposition of pharmaceuticals in previous pulmonary drug delivery clinical studies.  Opt-EFX™ technology offers unique performance features for both pulmonary and systemic medical conditions.

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