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Press Releases

COLUMBUS, OH., 15 November, 2011—The Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP), led by Battelle, has completed its Phase II projects to evaluate storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in its nine-state region. In addition to the Phase II Final Report, which summarizes more than five years of research activities, 16 other detailed reports on geologic sequestration field tests, terrestrial sequestration field tests and regional geologic characterization efforts are now available at Funding for the Phase II effort came primarily from the U.S. Department of Energy. The second largest contributor was the Ohio Coal Development Office and the remainder of funding came from private contributions from some of the other 35-plus members of the MRCSP.

COLUMBUS, OH., 3 November, 2011—Battelle and its world-renowned scientific staff, as well as the highly skilled employees at its affiliated national labs, have donated more than $4.7 million to charity this year, with more to come.

COLUMBUS, OH., 26 October, 2011– When it comes to developing new ways to combat icing on airplanes, there are many existing methods. But, as Thomas Jefferson once famously said, “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” Battelle experts have been hard at work on an innovative future for reducing or preventing icing on airplanes using carbon nanotubes.

WASHINGTON, D.C., 25 October, 2011—Battelle Research Leader Chad Bouton will be one of a group of distinguished presenters at the Independent Inventors Symposium, co-organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO), which will be held Oct. 27-28 in the museum’s Nan Tucker McEvoy Auditorium. The event is part of a series of public programs complementing "The Great American Hall of Wonders" exhibition, which is sponsored by Battelle in conjunction with USPTO.

COLUMBUS, OH., 20 October, 2011—The famed C-130 has been flying for America’s armed services since the late 1940s, serving as a platform for troops and cargo, weather and tactical missions and even refueling. But more than 60 years of continued use means lots of legacy issues. That’s where Battelle comes in.

SAN DIEGO, CA., 19 October, 2011—What sort of organization can claim responsibility for building better robots, helping treat heart disease and cleaning up naval bases?

COLUMBUS, OH., 13 October, 2011—For nearly a century, America’s roads and infrastructure have been funded by a gasoline tax. Battelle scientists are conducting research to see if there’s a more innovative way to amass the needed money by demonstrating the feasibility of a mileage-based user fee based on smart phone technology.

COLUMBUS, OH., 11 October, 2011—As the world reaches for new sources of oil and natural gas, it will be of great importance to balance that need with stewardship of the environment. Battelle’s newest scientist, Diane Sanzone, PhD, will be an integral piece of the world’s largest independent research and development organization’s effort in this area.

COLUMBUS, OH., 11 October, 2011—Don Hayford has spent his entire 34-year professional career at Battelle, developing an impressive background of leadership and expertise. Now, he has earned the title Senior Research Leader (SRL), the most esteemed position for any scientist or engineer at Battelle. Hayford works in Battelle’s National Security Global Business (NSGB).

COLUMBUS, OH., 4 October, 2011—Battelle won five contracts worth nearly $100 million with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in September.

COLUMBUS, OH., 4 October, 2011—As the nation’s mine rescue experts gather in Columbus Oct. 3-6, Battelle staff will join them with innovative, life-saving mining technologies it hopes could become standard equipment for miners.

COLUMBUS, OH., 3 October, 2011—At Battelle, important words in the corporate lexicon are “simultaneous excellence.” ASM International will recognize Battelle President and CEO. Jeff Wadsworth for following that philosophy in his professional life with the 2011 Medal for the Advancement of Research.

WEST JEFFERSON, OH., 15 September, 2011– Battelle will announce today the opening of the centerpiece of its nearly $200 million investment in Central Ohio—the new Center for Life Sciences Research (CLSR).

COLUMBUS, OH., 30 August, 2011—Battelle and NOGLSTP announced recently that Michael Waak and Tonia Poteat have been awarded the 2011 “Out to Innovate Scholarships.”

COLUMBUS, OH., 2 August, 2011—Battelle has hired Matthew Maiers as an Open Innovation Manager for its growing Energy, Environment, and Material Sciences Global Business. Maiers will focus on developing new opportunities and industrial collaborations in the field of alternative energy.

COLUMBUS, OH., 1 August, 2011 – A newly released Battelle study, “Power and Promise: Agbioscience in the North Central United States,” finds that agriculture and agricultural bioscience – “agbioscience” – are providing crucial wide ranging opportunities for economic growth and job creation in the United States.

COLUMBUS, OH., 27 July, 2011—Anyone who’s had a baby knows how fast diapers can pile up. Battelle scientists have developed a chemistry to make diapers and other absorbent products friendlier to the environment—with the aim of making them cost competitive. The next step is to commercialize this new, green innovation—a thoughtful idea that uses soybean meal to replace a third of the petroleum products currently found in such items.

COLUMBUS, OH., 14 July, 2011—Battelle, the world’s largest independent research and development organization, is sponsoring a six-month exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum entitled The Great American Hall of Wonders. The show, which is on view from July 15, 2011 to Jan. 8, 2012, is a celebration of the uniquely American spirit of innovation and it investigates questions that are still critical today.

COLUMBUS, OH., 30 June, 2011—Battelle, the world’s largest independent research and development organization, excels at tackling big, complex problems. So it’s a natural fit for it to assess proposed restoration technologies that would help mitigate the harmful blooms of algae and toxic cyanobacteria in Grand Lake St. Marys.

COLUMBUS, OH., 22 June, 2011—Battelle and the national laboratories it manages and co-manages for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) won 19—nearly one fifth—of the coveted R&D Magazine’s R&D 100 Awards that note the most significant scientific accomplishments of 2010.

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