Delivering on the Promise of Hospital Quality Indicators

Hospitals collect thousands of data points daily to drive desirable patient outcomes and optimal healthcare costs. But, collecting the data isn’t enough. Organizations must be able to effectively interpret trends within the data to create actionable next steps that can be enacted upon. Here’s what it takes to implement a truly data-driven hospital quality indicator framework.

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Through a unique relationship with the Ohio Health Association, Battelle created an innovative analytics solution designed at helping hospital systems leverage data to drive performance improvements. In this white paper, you’ll learn how this solution, named WayFinder™, is being used to drive quality improvement at the hospital, hospital system, and association levels.

Download the white paper, and learn:

  • The 4 critical characteristics of effectively Quality Indicator data
  • An introduction to the WayFinder Q.I. Dashboard —a cloud-based analytics tool that organizes, displays, and analyzes Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), CMS and other quality indicators.
  • How the Ohio Health Association (OHA) implemented WayFinder across their network to deliver appropriate data visibility to key decision makers across the OHA organization.
  • How WayFinder helped the OHA calculate the cost savings from improved performance on quality, safety, and readmission measures.
  • 2 key lessons learned from implementing the WayFinder Dashboard within the OHA.

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