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Homeland Security & Public Safety

Battelle works to enhance and protect critical infrastructure and ensure cost-effective operational performance for years to come.


Battelle brings together the world’s best people, facilities and methods to improve public health and patient outcomes with data analytics.

Oil & Gas

Battelle can help you improve equipment performance, control costs, meet sustainability goals and accelerate your growth potential.

Industry Solutions

We bring the latest discoveries in advanced materials, formulation, product engineering and a whole lot more to solve your consumer challenges.

National Security

For decades, Battelle has been a source of national security mission-ready solutions that protect people, secure the homeland and save lives.

Health - Battelle

Whether your need relates to medical devices, preclinical research or hospital services, rely on Battelle’s health expertise.

Coatings & Materials

We’re working at the cutting edge of scientific discovery, from functionalized nanomaterials to sustainable bio-based solutions.

Medical Devices

Accelerate your medical product development timeline, from ideation to evaluation to commercialization.

Advanced Materials

Battelle is developing a new generation of advanced materials that are stronger, lighter, cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable.


Battelle's tranportation work has been driving innovation for highway, transit, rail, aviation and maritime transit for nearly 50 years.

Security & Law Enforcement

Respond to and recover quickly from acts of terrorism, natural disasters and other emergencies with help from Battelle.

ThreatSEQ DNA Screening Web Service

Battelle's ThreatSEQ solution is a web-based analytical software tool and service for rapid screening of DNA sequences submitted for gene synthesis.

Missile Defense Systems & Support

Battelle is trusted to provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective missile defense technologies to keep the nation safe.

Data Analytics

Increase production rates and drilling speeds, reduce downtime and improve oilfield economics with Battelle’s oil & gas modeling and analytics.

Environmental & Analytical Services

Battelle offers practical, science- and technology-driven solutions for environmental assessment, monitoring, risk reduction and mitigation.

Performance Technologies & Sensors

Battelle is leading the way with new technology solutions to make oil & gas production safer, more economical and more sustainable.

Hospital Services

Organizations concerned with healthcare quality and public health have counted on Battelle for solid science and experienced laboratory support.

Bioidentification System- Battelle REBS

REBS rapidly and accurately detects, identifies and enumerates particulates and microbiological contaminants without the need for expensive reagents.


Battelle has been manufacturing interesting and challenging products for more than 17 years. We make sure your product is done right the first time.

Mass Spectrometry & Advanced Analytical Methods

Battelle offers world-class expertise and equipment for mass spectrometry. We apply analytical chemistry and related disciplines to solve problems.

Packaging & Processing

Our solutions for packaging and processing include food-safe re-sealable adhesives, tamper-resistant bottle designs and time-released formulations.

CBRNE Defense

Battelle solves some of the most complex Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive (CBRNE) challenges.


From data analytics to subsurface resource management, learn how Battelle can help you improve safety and sustainability while driving economic growth.


We deliver innovative agribusiness solutions that lead to new products and boost existing product productivity within the global food system.
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