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Oil & Gas Staff

Battelle has some of the best employees working to solve the world's most difficult challenges.

Employee Giving

Battelle employees are generous in their support of causes that impact their neighborhoods, cities and regions.

Employee Benefits

Battelle employees enjoy benefits that include matching contributions for retirement savings; comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage.

STEM Education Staff

Battelle has some of the best employees working to solve the world's most difficult challenges.

Providing Training to USAID Staff on Global Climate Change

... give its staff hands-on experience with current tools to analyze vulnerability and boost resilience. Solution As a key member of a team supporting USAID, Battelle staff helped pioneer the development and delivery of a climate change training course to USAID staff worldwide. Battelle led the development ...

Health & Analytics Staff

Battelle has some of the best employees working to solve the world's most difficult challenges.

Battelle is an Equal Opportunity Employer

... each staff member to have the opportunity to grow to the limits of their abilities and to achieve personal and organizational objectives. We will support positive programs for equal treatment of all staff and full utilization of all qualified employees at all levels within Battelle....

Tobacco Research Staff

Battelle has some of the best employees working to solve the world's most difficult challenges.

Battelle, Stereotaxis Develop Remote Controlled Heart Catheterization

... medical staff, allowing for more precise control of the insertion process and improving workflow. Outcome According to Stereotaxis, since its initial 2011 launch in Europe, the product has been deployed in nine centers with more units slated to be installed in additional centers during 2012. The ...

Award-Winning Medical Device Innovation at Battelle

... hospital staff. UV-C lights are integrated into the frame and into fiber optic woven materials for soft components such as mattresses. When the lights are turned on remotely, the entire bed emits UV-C light that provides effective sterilization for all bed components and for the surrounding room. This ...

Feed the Magical Goat

... pWizard's Staff: | .OrganicGrass: ,Leaf: uPlant: ;Seed: . .Sources of infinite energyBunny with a drum: BCapillary bowl: cDipping bird: rPerpetual motion device: H Figure out how to feed and please the billy goat using the 16 items listed here. You only have one of each. Download Now zip (zip) 6 KB Challenge ...

Safely Handling and Testing M55 Chemical Agent Rockets for Neutralization and Destruction

... trained staff to safely handle and transport eight M417 fuzes taken from M55 rockets that had been previously subjected to energetics batch hydrolyzer (EBH) caustic neutralization and then tested the fuzes to determine if they were still functional. Do you have a high-hazard chemical problem to solve? ...

Renewable Resource Monitoring & Mapping Program in Saudi Arabia

... government staff to sustainably operate the network and share the data publicly. The project included identification of information needs for assessing potential waste-to-energy resources in the country, and review of existing waste-to-energy datasets and demonstration projects. The project also included ...

Prioritizing Earth Observations for Societal Benefit

... Battelle staff in ecosystems, energy, health, climate change, and agriculture. Battelle staff than facilitated a workshop of Analysts to reach consensus on the prioritization methodology, defined as an integration of established priorities in existing documents and expert input from the Advisory Groups. ...

Optimizing Industrial Hygiene Practices for the U.S. Air Force

... base staff were typically not prepared to utilize the full capability DOEHRS provides. They also needed more support in understanding and following best IH practices. Solution The USAF came to Battelle for help in developing coaching programs that would prepare base personnel to implement an ...
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