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Battelle Applied Genomics Today

Battelle Applied Genomics Today

Featured Expert: Craig Bartling, Ph.D.: Senior Research Scientist

Craig Bartling, Ph.D. Craig Bartling

Dr. Craig Bartling is unlocking the secrets contained in proteins to shed new light on problems ranging from pathogen identification to forensic analysis. He is working to find new applications for proteomics for medical diagnostics, intelligence, law enforcement and environmental management. 

A Senior Research Scientist on Battelle’s Applied Genomics team, Craig is leading efforts to expand Battelle’s metagenomics and proteomics capabilities. He brings more than 14 years of research experience with a particular focus on protein analysis. While his background is in biochemistry, his scientific expertise spans many areas, including genomics, proteomics and protein characterization, environmental monitoring, structural biology, molecular biology, mass spectrometry, enzyme kinetics, biological and chemical threat characterization and assay development.    

His current research is largely focused on practical applications of proteomics, or the study of protein expression by cells, systems and organisms. Each organism has unique proteome that can potentially be used to provide diagnostic or forensic information (See Proteomics: The Next Big Thing in Forensic Identification?) Craig and his team have worked on a number of projects exploring the potential of proteomics for forensic, environmental and medical purposes.

Recent or current project include:

  • Sample analysis to determine whether specific proteins can be used to identify the presence of pathogens and toxins for intelligence purposes
  • Development of standardized procedures for protein-based human identification purposes
  • Analyzing proteins in environmental samples to measure the activity of microbes that are used to degrade contaminants in environmental restoration projects
  • Development of novel methods to identify antibodies, which could be used for intelligence or medical purposes
  • Analyzing proteins produced by genetically modified crops to determine which genes are being expressed in order to facilitate product FDA approval

In addition to his proteomics work, Craig is currently applying his expertise to examine the ways that advanced technology could be used to model the potential consequences of different kinds of bioterrorism threats. He has also been the Principal Investigator for various formulation projects and on a forensic project that identified epigenetic markers to age individuals from forensically relevant samples. Craig was also part of a team that pioneered a new process for producing small protein particles, for which the team holds a patent. He helped develop the process in order to facilitate the creation of biologic therapies, which require the ability to concentrate large quantities of proteins in a small volume for drug delivery.

His next projects are likely to be focused on protein forensics and antibody sequencing. He is continuing to look for new and better ways to sequence proteins and improve mass spectrometry-based analytical methods for proteins. He will be heavily involved in helping Battelle develop standardized methods for sample preparation and analysis for forensic proteomics.

Craig holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from The Ohio State University and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Duke University. Prior to joining Battelle in 2009, he completed post-doctoral research at The Ohio State University, where he continues to teach graduate classes in biochemistry and related fields.