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Offshore Oil & Gas rig

Battelle Oil & Gas Newsletter

June 2015 - Issue 5

Industry Insights
Person holding graphic with charts and graphs

Affordable Analytics Pump New Life Into Declining EOR Operations

Many oil & gas producers in West Texas and other areas with declining oil production believe they have done all they can with Improved (or Enhanced) Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR). But new statistical methods from Battelle may convince even small oil producers to give IOR/EOR another chance.

Water flooding for enhanced oil recovery produces declining returns over time. CO2 is more effective, but costs and availability can make CO2-based EOR unfeasible for smaller producers who do not have a reliable supply of CO2. For this reason, many wells in West Texas and other oil-producing areas are underperforming.

Battelle has developed analytical methods to help oil producers get more value from water flooding. Using our statistical models, smaller producers can continue to get value from declining wells while waiting for CO2 to become available for additional oil recovery. Battelle’s statistical methods rely on historical production data from wells rather than expensive geological surveys, putting the analysis within reach for even small producers.

When engaging in water flooding for a group of wells, producers have many different scenarios to choose from. Which wells will be flooded? Which wells will be used for production? Even a small group of ten wells or fewer could have dozens of possible water flooding scenarios.

Battelle researchers analyze production patterns for groups of wells and use advanced statistical modeling to analyze all of the different possible scenarios for water flooding. This allows researchers to identify the water flooding scenarios that will give oil producers the “most bang for the buck” for their EOR initiatives.

These statistical modeling techniques may help oil producers in West Texas and elsewhere pump new life into wells currently thought to be beyond the help of water-flooding EOR.