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Battelle Environment Matters

Battelle Environment Matters

Welcome to the Battelle Health & Analytics, a quarterly publication from Battelle. We put this together as a service to our public health clients, to keep you informed of the latest public health news from our researchers and the industry.

The Battelle Health & Analytics team works with agencies and healthcare institutions to advance public health research, practice and policy with the latest science and technology. Battelle Health and Analytics will keep you up-to-date on cutting edge research and public health innovations.

Featured Expert: Kavitha Dasu, Ph.D.: Principal Research Scientist

Kavitha Dasu, Ph.D. Kavitha Dasu

Kavitha Dasu is working to shed light on a persistent environmental problem: per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). For the past several years, she has been studying the fate of organic contaminants in environmental systems and developing new analytical methods for PFAS and other emerging contaminants at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s National Risk Management Laboratory. Now, she’s bringing that expertise to Battelle to expand Battelle’s capabilities in PFAS research and analysis. Kavitha is working with Battelle’s analytical chemistry team to develop and validate methods for additional PFAS compounds. She also is working to adapt methods currently used for water and soil for other matrices, including sediments and biological tissue.