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Battelle Environment Matters

Battelle Environment Matters

Featured Expert: Rick Wice: Senior Research Scientist

Rick Wice PFAS, PFOA, PFOS assessment and remediation

Rick Wice has devoted his career to cleaning up and managing difficult contaminated sites. At Battelle, he’s helping clients find better solutions for sites impacted by chlorinated solvents, PFAS and other hard-to-remediate contaminants.

He has more than 30 years of experience in site remediation, investigation and compliance. A geologist by training, Rick has developed specialized technical expertise in remediating and managing chlorinated solvents and dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) in groundwater. He has also worked extensively with per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a class of emerging contaminants found in firefighting foams, as well as many consumer products.

Rick’s focus has been on implementation and optimization of in situ remediation technologies as well as management strategies for sites that cannot be fully remediated. Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) has been another focusarea for Rick. GSR looks not only at the efficacy of a proposed remediation approach but also at the environmental footprint of the remediation effort and the long-term value that it will bring to the surrounding community. Some of his GSR work has involved transforming former military bases into civilian facilities and turning old industrial sites into safe and usable green spaces.