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Battelle Environment Matters

Battelle Environment Matters

person with a gloved hand collecting a soil sample

Special Journal Issue: Global Trends in the Environmental Remediation Industry

The Journal of Environmental Management has released a special issue focusing on emerging trends in environmental remediation. Global Trends in the Environmental Remediation Industry features invited articles from the Battelle Chlorinated Conference that reflect key global trends and highlight prospects for improving remediation management and cleanup results. 

Key themes for the special issue were identified through a collaboration of guest editors—including Dr. Heather Rectanus and Wendy Condit of Battelle— who used an innovative data mining approach to gain insights from 4,000+ abstracts submitted over the past decade. 

Articles include:

  • An Overview of Geophysical Technologies Appropriate for Characterization and Monitoring at Fractured-Rock Sites
  • Application of Natural Resource Valuation Concepts for Development of Sustainable Remediation Plans for Groundwater
  • Utilization of Waste Materials, Non-Refined Materials, and Renewable Energy In In Situ Remediation and Their Sustainability Benefits
  • Remediation Management of Complex Sites Using and Adaptive Site Management Approach 
  • Understanding Complex LNAPL Sites: Illustrated Handbook of LNAPL Transport and Fate in the Subsurface
  • Novel Treatment Technologies for PFAS Compounds: A Critical Review
  • Advances in Bioremediation of 1.4-Dioxane-Contaminated Waters
  • Use of Dilute Ammonia Gas for Treatment of 1,2,3-Trichloropropane and Explosive-Contaminated Soils
  • Recent Advances in Vapor Intrusion Site Investigations
  • Current State of In Situ Subsurface Remediation by Activated Carbon-Based Amendments
  • Design and Performance of Subgrade Biogeochemical Reactors

The special edition was released in December 2017 and is now available for purchase