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Battelle Oil & Gas Newsletter

Battelle Oil & Gas Newsletter

New Battelle Project Seeks to Optimize Materials for HPHT Environments

Battelle is embarking on an internally funded research and development project to develop new materials solutions for High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) environments. The project will adapt innovations from adjacent industrial and governmental applications, such as aerospace and national security, to oil & gas applications. Potential solutions under investigation include super-strong adhesives that can be applied and cured underwater; polymers able to withstand the temperature and corrosive environment encountered in downhole applications; and coatings able to reduce noise and control impact between objects.

Downhole environments for oil & gas exploration and production present some of the most challenging conditions on earth for equipment manufacturers and material designers. Existing materials and equipment don’t always hold up well under the extreme conditions, while the costs associated with downhole equipment failure can be high—a critical seal failure can cost millions of dollars in damages and lost productivity.

Battelle’s advanced materials team is developing new solutions for HPHT environments, building on their past experience working in similar or harsher environments for commercial and government clients. The materials team continues to actively work to develop other specialized materials solutions to improve sustainability, costs or performance in the field. Areas of high interest include development of coatings able to detect and heal corrosion occurring on metals, batteries better suited for use in downhole tools and data loggers, and green material alternatives for hydraulic fracturing operations. These projects and others currently under development at Battelle will give oil and gas developers and equipment manufacturers new answers for improved downhole reliability and performance.