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Battelle Oil & Gas Newsletter

Battelle Oil & Gas Newsletter

New Resin-Coated Proppant Provides Superior Binding, Stability for FnP

Finding the right proppant for specific geologic formations and oil recovery applications can be a challenge. Battelle has developed and patented a new proppant binder system that can be injected and cured in place in unconsolidated formations. The resin-coated binder system was developed to meet the needs of “Frac and Pack” (FnP) oil & gas operations, especially in wells using water injection to boost production.

Geologic formation sand control presents challenges for FnP production; without the right proppant, water injection can result in the loss of the annular pack. Battelle has developed an immobile proppant that cannot be flushed away from the annulus during high-rate water injection. The resin-coated proppant binder system combines high hydraulic stability with high permeability for superior performance in FnP applications. It also maintains its integrity with the pressure and temperature fluctuations that occur during injection and shut down. Tests have demonstrated that it provides superior performance and the cure profile, mechanical strength and flow-through permeability performance required to pass the critical unconfined compressive strength (UCS) and flow-through test (FTC) milestones.

The resin binder can be cured in place. Latent-cure binder chemistry provides high shelf stability and prevents premature curing, providing several days to relocate the FnP rig to the next location.