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Let Battelle help you accelerate your growth potential, improve equipment performance, control costs, and manage your assets safely and sustainably. Our scientists and engineers are advancing the frontiers of science and technology for the oil and gas industry. Whether you need environmental solutions for unconventional oil and gas operations, sensors and equipment for deepwater siting and exploration, carbon management solutions, or advanced materials for infrastructure integrity, trust Battelle to help you meet your business objectives


Sensors, Pipeline and Advanced Technologies, and Maritime Systems

  • Oil & Gas Modeling and Analytics Powered by EluciData™: Battelle helps oil and gas producers make better decisions Data Analytics powered by EluciData™. We combine deep, broad oil & gas expertise with today’s most advanced analytical methods to meaningful, actionable information from reams of raw data. That means increased production rates and drilling speeds, reduced downtime and improved oilfield economics.
  • Sensors: Expand your sensor capabilities in chemically hostile, high pressure and high temperature environments with our low-cost, high-performance sensors. Battelle’s unique sensors have no moving parts, which mean they are perfect for rugged conditions. Some of these highly selective sensors can detect multiple gases at once, such as methane and CO2, while other sensors can measure physical characteristics.
  • Pipeline & Advanced Technologies: Enhance infrastructure performance and integrity and evaluate and pinpoint cementing and casing failures. Battelle’s advanced technologies include smart coatings, such as the Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector® bead, that prevents corrosion for pipeline integrity, high-temperature elastic materials, and a new generation of cement and wellbore integrity testing technologies. Battelle’s independent testing site allows customers to receive third-party objective data that can help them verify and market the accuracy of their inline inspection tools.
  • Maritime SystemsIncrease the safety and reliability of exploration and production missions with high-transfer data communicators, oil spill detection and tracking systems, fluid managing technologies and other innovative maritime technologies. We offer a full service line of products and systems that can withstand harsh environments. Our unmanned undersea inspection and surveillance vehicles provide increased endurance and large payload, and are unaffected by surface conditions.

Environmental Monitoring, Testing & Carbon Management

  • Environmental Assessment & Mitigation: Reduce risk, increase sustainability and mitigate environmental impact as you move into ever-more remote, sensitive and deepwater environments. Battelle offers practical, science- and technology-driven environmental solutions.
  • Hydrocarbon Analytics & ForensicsDetect and identify hydrocarbons in sensitive environments and track their dispersion, transformation and ultimate fate. Battelle’s team of experienced hydrocarbon chemists offers rapid response, accurate analysis and an integrated analytical and statistical approach to complex hydrocarbon mixtures and forensics.
  • Carbon Management: Develop carbon management solutions that are both environmentally sound and economically feasible. Our large-scale demonstration projects have established Battelle as an industry leader in carbon capture and sequestration.
  • Environmental DNA (eDNA): Detailed biodiversity data for oil & gas environmental impact and long term monitoring studies.

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