Heart Failure Accreditation 

From BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium

Battelle Healthcare Colloquium transforms healthcare organizations by using process improvement methodology to advance operational efficiencies and patient outcomes through heart failure accreditation. Our hospital membership organization comprises 30 distinguished adult and pediatric hospitals, 11 of which have top pediatric cardiology programs as ranked by U.S. News & World Report

Heart Failure Accreditation from Battelle Healthcare Colloquium unites communities, hospitals, clinicians, and science. We use coaching based methods and work one on one with hospitals to meet their heart failure care goals. Heart failure accreditation enables hospitals to discover and address inconsistencies in clinical care. It enables them to provide the best possible care.

Some accreditation organizations set guidelines and check boxes. We work hand in hand with hospitals to help identify improvement opportunities. Our step-by-step process gives hospitals a structure for change. Our team provides resources and tools to help improve the quality and safety of patient care. We work with the hospital to review current practices, identify gaps, and develop a plan. We deliver best practices and process improvement strategies to achieve best possible outcomes.

Our members are what make us unique. They help shape the accreditation and take part in the accreditation of other hospitals. Members have the opportunity to serve as peer reviewers during onsite accreditation visits. They provide peer-to-peer feedback and a full spectrum review of improvements. 

We want success to endure. After the accreditation, we provide tools, coaching, feedback, and collaboration on a continual basis.

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