• From CBRNE defense to cyber security, we transform discoveries in the laboratory into mission-ready solutions that protect people and save lives. Working with government and commercial clients throughout the development cycle, from basic research to deployment and field support, we translate the latest advances in science and technology into practical, real-world products and services for the military, and a variety of federal agencies. 

  • New technologies have emerged that enable more precise identification and characterization of individual humans, microbes, plants and animals. At Battelle, our experts are pioneering the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) for defining the genetic identity of individuals, allowing our clients to generate investigative leads and assign attribution. Application of this technology and our associated proprietary analytics to microbial systems affords our clients insights into environmental impacts of commercialization activities, as well as identification of pathogens causing disease outbreaks.

    Our experts work across Battelle to deliver comprehensive solutions incorporating next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics for human identification, biological threat agent detection and biosurveillance, environmental monitoring, and medical applications to meet the unique needs of our clients.

  • In this increasingly complex world, some questions are harder than ever to answer --questions that become even more important in the current resource constrained environment.  What technologies best meet current requirements?   Are the operating forces resourced and properly equipped to execute this mission?  What is the risk of not funding a solution to this capability gap or not knowing what resources could be safely eliminated? How will this equipment be employed and what training is required?  What is the true program cost each year, and over its life?

    When the questions are most challenging, Battelle Applied Technology is the solution.

  • Bring us your complex manufacturing challenges and we’ll make successful manufacturing a simple process. We build everything from circuit cards to full-up electronics, precision moving assemblies, customized vehicles, electromechanical systems, the application of micro-scale custom mesh, autonomous sensors, vehicle telematics, and even accept special requests such as building an elastic payload launching sling for an aircraft. 

  • For more than 70 years – beginning with our involvement in the Manhattan Project in the 1940s – government agencies and industries alike have trusted Battelle to solve some of their most complex Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive (CBRNE) defense challenges.

    With expertise spanning dozens of interrelated scientific disciplines, Battelle is the world’s largest independent R&D organization.  We provide comprehensive solutions for intelligence, defense, medical, security and industrial clients – objective solutions emerging from decades of hands-on experience with not only advanced design and manufacturing services, but also the nation’s largest and most advanced live-agent BSL-3, chemical-agent and licensed explosives test facilities.

  • Safeguarding assets like nuclear power plants, critical DOD buildings, airports and mass transit systems from natural disasters, terrorist threats and man-made disasters is essential to protecting our citizens. Battelle works with clients in transportation systems, government and military facilities, dams and levees and chemical facilities to enhance and protect critical infrastructure and ensure cost-effective operational performance for years to come.

    We provide thought leadership to solve critical infrastructure challenges through our integrated interdisciplinary technical expertise, test and evaluation capabilities, advanced custom software tools and innovative product offerings.

  • Enhance your cyber operations and stay ahead of emerging threats to keep your data, people, systems and infrastructure safe and secure. Battelle works with corporate and government clients to solve some of today’s most perplexing cyber challenges and prepare for the changing cyber landscape of tomorrow. Our innovative solutions challenge conventional problem-solving approaches without sacrificing scientific integrity.

    Battelle’s “Connect & Innovate” model enables real-time collaboration among government agencies, academia and industry to solve real-world operational problems in a learning lab environment and accelerate the education and development of the next-generation cyber workforce. Our unique collaborative approach builds resilient, trusted networks of problem solvers that increase our national capacity to execute missions.

  • Battelle is a global leader in Life Sciences Research by virtue of our integrated scientific and technological capabilities, world-class facilities and ability to meet both routine and unique technical, development and regulatory needs of global pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

  • Battelle is an industry leader in innovative and reliable undersea technology.  We provide rapid development, transition and deployment of technologies to sustain U.S. undersea dominance, and we deliver technology for industry to safely operate in the oceans, wherever required.

    For clients who depend upon technological differentiation and need custom deployable components and systems, Battelle provides superior solutions by applying internally and externally sourced proven technologies—from high-performance to low-risk reliable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

  • Let Battelle help you improve operational readiness and maximize your mission capabilities. We deliver innovative, high-technology deployable equipment and engineered product solutions that increase service life of fielded equipment, improve mission performance in extreme operating environments and provide threat protection for our military men and women. Our experts work with military clients across all stages of the product lifecycle, from product development to production to sustaining engineering.

    Battelle’s integrated approach combines unmatched expertise across a broad range of disciplines, a systems engineering approach to design, and advanced manufacturing capabilities to deliver highly responsive, cost-effective products and exceptional service support. Our innovative product portfolio ranges from avionics to semi-autonomous robotics, tactical ground and maritime vehicles and hardware, to ultra-wireless data communications.

Battelle National Security

We transform discoveries in the laboratory into mission-ready solutions that save lives.